It’s Not Christmas Fair!

This afternoon, we all trooped off for the school Christmas Fair.

It was the usual mix of tombola, bottle stall, white elephant, books and cakes.

We had a letter from school a week or so ago telling us to make a Christmas decoration as there would be a competition. I felt great this morning as I had actually taken the time to sit down with the children and make things. We took 3 decorations with us. Could we find the place to hang them? Not a bit of it. In the end, Him Indoors took them back to the car.

I wandered round having a go on most things. I hit a name the teddy bear stall. Hearing that the woman on a stall had a Scottish accent, I looked for a relevant name. Harris was there so I paid my pound and wrote my name next to it. “How did you know?” said the woman. There was a pregnant pause and then she revealed that Harris was her son’s name. My luck is definitely not in as it was not the name of the bloody teddy bear.
Don’t I get a prize for superb intellect?

Along came another stall with a teddy bear. I scanned the list of names and chose Ant because it seemed topical what with I’m a Celebrity and all that. Was I right? Nope, whoever chose the bloody name was clearly stuck in the Seventies as the winning name was Hughie. Opportunity Knocks but not for me it seems.

Towards the end of the fair, I finally found where you could enter the decoration competition. Him Indoors was dispatched and I handed over our creative endeavours. Later, my little girl said “Mummy, we won a prize”. At last thinks I but nope, it turns out there were so few entries that everybody got a prize.

On the way home, we saw the most beautiful rainbow, a full semi-circle with clearly defined colours. I did consider trying to find the end of it to locate that elusive crock of gold but after the day’s events, thought better of it.

Guess who won’t be buying a lottery ticket tonight?

I think I might be pre-menstrual as I am very tempted to stamp and cry out “It’s not Christmas Fair!”

And yes, I do know that is very childish.



  1. Chickenruby December 3, 2011 / 7:25 pm

    I looked after two kids at a Christmas fare this afternoon, it cost a small fortune, which I didn’t resent, but was quite annoyed when paying for both siblings to have a go on something, that the 7yo won something each time and the 4yo didn’t. I ended up paying 60p on each stall for the 7yo to win a 10p sweet and the 4yo nothing. I had one upset 4yo.

  2. Jennypaulin @ mummy mishaps December 3, 2011 / 8:11 pm

    Sounds like a lot of fun lol! My eldest always seems to an a cuddly toy at these type of events, I should get him to choose the lottery tickets! X

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