1. I’m guilty of flagging off my ‘sisters’ in the blogging world. I’ve unfollowed quite a few on twitter and their blogs as they wound me up with their holier than tho attitude, made others feel inferior and generally thought they were the first person ever to do anything. I hate the ‘if you don’t do….’ you’re a bad mother. When I challenged I was slagged off and these seem to be the same people now requesting others not to do it…drives me bloody mad

  2. I’m only a three-month-old blogger, so inexperienced, but what has amazed me about the blogosphere and twittersphere is how generous everyone has been. Katetakes5 (brilliant and successful blogger) took no end of trouble with tips and feedback when I was beginning after I contacted her out of the blue and I’d never even expected a reply. You’ve been the same. I appreciated my weekend on a desert island courtesy of you and you’re always generous with comments on people’s rambles! I don’t for a minute confuse cyber friendships with the real thing. Blogger love costs little more than a few taps of the keyboard and a virtual hug. But they are, in a different way, gratifying and I value all the ‘sisters’ I’ve met enormously.

  3. Your post has made me think too – it’s been a thought-provoking couple of weeks! As you know, I wrote my post on the grounds of overall human behaviour – whether we should behave differently online to how we behave with people face to face. I think your 20 questions are a brilliant addition to the thought process – for all arenas.

  4. What an involved and thoughtful post! You’ve really dissected sisterhood, such a tricky topic to tackle. Thanks for your comments on my post. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.

  5. Hi Kate, as you know it was my blog about Mums Standing In Each Others shoes that kicked off the blog prompt from Britmums. I was trying to get Mums to consider what another Mums shoes would be like before criticising them – but it was interesting that it kicked off quite a lot of criticism and sarky mention of the word ‘sisterhood’.
    I’ve done some more since then about Discussion, because I realised that my view of a ‘healthy’ discussion might restrict growth sometimes, as I was a bit ‘arggghh read my post before commenting on it’ when I found so many people writing about it lol – but I realised that this is the reality of discussion.
    Then after some subtle pressure I’ve felt, I blogged about whether we are meant to stick to the friends/orgs that our friends do – I very much agree with you that the reason we dislike people is more to do with similarity than differences.

  6. To piggyback on other comments, it’s been quite surprising to me as a new blogger of 4 months to have found that the vast majority of women bloggers do act a a sisterhood. I suppose I had thought previously that it would be a competitive environment, but I was so wrong!

    As a woman who has a genetic sister, women who are close to me like sisters and Blogging Sisters, I can say that nothing else in this world is like sisterhood. Supportive, emotionally invested and well – just *together.*
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