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Show Real Blogs is like reality television but without the sex and I encourage bloggers to take part by sharing real stories about their real lives rather than those air-brushed versions we keep seeing online.

To get you started, here are some examples of things from my real life this week.

1. Fostering a dog only for him to snap at my son.

2. Forgetting to cook more than once until late into the evening

3. A huge car repair bill

4. Email problems

5. Not being able to find anything to wear for myself whilst apparently surrounded my mountains of clothing for everyone else in the family

6. Instagram story disasters where all I could see was my ugliness and all I could hear was the dog barking and my less than attractive voice.

Show Real Blogs is not necessarily about things that go wrong but sometimes those are the very things that make our lives real. The holiday where the accommodation was not up to scratch, the crafting afternoon which resulted in glitter ending up literally everywhere and the tantrum in the supermarket.

So you can take part if you are not showing off in blog posts and presenting a perfect life because I don’t believe they exist and I also think pretending they do if just driving people into the ground as they try to live up to the latest instagram image or whatever.

I am delighted to have lovely co-host Mrs Teepot and if anyone would like to co-host one week, do let me know.

#ShowRealBlogs Linky Rules:

1. Add our badge to the HTML / Text portion of your post. Or, add a back link to my blog using #ShowRealBlogs. You can find the badge in my sidebar on the right.

2. Please comment on this post and one other of your choice. Please Tweet any posts you enjoy to share the blogger love with the hashtag #ShowRealBlogs

3. Link a maximum of 3 posts per week.

4. Tag myself @kateonthinice on Twitter with your post link and #ShowRealBlogs


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