Self-care tips for mums are useful at any time of year but perhaps particularly during the Summer holidays where there is pressure to keep up with the Joneses and siblings have varying and often conflicting needs and wishes.

I asked some mums how they look after themselves at this stressful time of year and I hope you love at least one of these self-care tips for mums.


Carly advised: “I am making time to have a nice soak in the bath once the kids are in bed most days and making sure to see my friends as it can get quite lonely being surrounded by children all week. It is amazing how refreshed you can feel after a good long chat with a friend!”

Becci  added: “I make sure I have regular chiropractic adjustments and book myself in for an hour long deep tissue massage on a Saturday morning while they have some fun with Daddy!

Keeping fit

Emma Reed said: “I still make time to exercise. I’m lucky because I go to a kid friendly studio where he can sit and watch. It’s only 30-45 minutes a class but it’s my routine and it keeps me sane. He is quite happy to sit with the other children eating snacks. I think it’s important to make time for yourself when the holidays hit because it easily becomes only about children.” Https://

Sophie Clare Hull commented: “I go to a fitness for mums class each week which I take the kids to as well. Even though they are there I manage to get some form of “me time” and get some good endorphins flowing.

Time away from the kids

Anna told me “For one week they’ll visit my parents. The rest of the time will be spent looking after them, not me. As per.”

Clare confessed “Dump the kids off with ANYONE they’ve not yet pissed off for the day……over night if possible.
Paul and I did just this and went into London for day and night.”

Naomi told me: ” My husband took 1 day off and looked after the kids. It was 1 day in 6 weeks yet I cannot tell you how much difference it made – I felt like I had space to think and breathe!! I’m a teacher so I frequently remind him how much holiday clubs cost and therefore how much Im saving us!”

Pursuing hobbies

Kati admitted “When the kids are in bed, it’s crafty time! It’s when I work on the scrapbook, make cards or sew something for the kids. I love losing myself in my artwork at night; it’s always been my most creative time.”

Becky said: ” I get up early to make sure I have breathing space and when they have a friend to play I grab a book ands coffee and relax.”

Please don’t neglect your own wellbeing this summer. By taking time out for yourself, you will be that much better equipped to give the family an amazing time too.

What are your top self-care tips for mums?








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3 Little Buttons

What are the funny things kids say in summer?

The one that really amused me this week was when my teen daughter offered to make a drink for her teenage brother.

Funny Things Kids Say

“Goodness me, you must have heat stroke as you are being so nice to me” was the ungrateful response from him.

Sibling rivalry between the boys has been more harsh this week with an expletive or two in the mix. A stressed out 16 year old waiting for GCSE results and a nearly 12 year old hurtling towards puberty does not always make for a peaceful brotherly relationship.

Meanwhile, my daughter is working out her life plan and has announced she will be an artist who lives on a houseboat in France with a big brown fluffy cat called Coco.

My 16 year old has less of a fixed idea of what he wants to do with his future and has decided not to pick up his GCSE results from school based on the strategic decision that as the girl of his dreams is not collecting hers from school there is little point in him doing so!

There are so many more and I am going to start collecting them as they happen as they are great at the time and then so easy to forget when you really don’t want to.

Little Hearts, Big Love

Here are 9 fun activities to get your kids away from their screens. I think that is a really powerful way to make you a happy mum.

Get Your Kids Away From Their Screens

If your children seem permanently attached to their various machines, I feel your pain. I have a tween and teens who have various machines and I worry they spend too much time on them too. Here are some ideas that have worked for myself and other mums that really do persuade them that there is more to life than screen time.

There’s an art to it!

Arts and crafts – my daughter would always choose this over screen time. Catherine tells us: “Mine can always be tempted by the chance to get grubby outdoors! Adding in a bit of craft helps too, we love making journey sticks: ”

Baking – we did it with our own mums and it almost always works. Lynsey explains: “most kids love it especially when they get to eat what they have made ”

Boating – When we took a boating holiday, the biggest win for me was how the children showed no interest in video games whatsoever and just relished a slower pace of life in a natural environment.

Traditional activities work well

Board games – there are a huge variety to choose from and the old ones like Monopoly and Cluedo never seem to go out of fashion. Jaki says “I don’t tend to ask. I just go and get them out and start looking like I’m going to play on my own and nine times out of ten little man puts the Ipad down and comes and joins in with me!”

Garden timeLauren advises: “Get them into the garden to make a bug hotel smile emoticon:) It’s fun, outdoors, they can get messy & learn about wildlife”

Kite-flying – we have all done this one and it stands the test of time and can be quite exhilarating. As Vikki says: “It is so much fun for everyone and I find it creates a bit of healthy competition between family!”

Get your kids away from their screens

Play dates – these are even easier for you and better for them if you can get them outdoors in a park or other open space. Beth comments: “It’s amazing what kids can come up with together.”

Treasure hunt – you can do this cheaply and just about anywhere. Kerry suggests trying one in your own garden or in a forest.

Woodwork – my brother used to love doing this and it seems he is not alone. Leandra tells us “Thomas’s favourite thing to do at the moment is fiddle around with wood. He has some wood with holes in and I give him a hammer & nails, screw drivers and screws. Keeps him busy for ages!”

Which of the 9 fun activities to get your kids away from their screens works best for you?

Do you have any other tips on how to get your kids away from their screens to make the most of the holidays?


You Baby Me Mummy

21 essential resolutions for new mums come to you from a less than perfect mum who learned some of these lessons the hard way.


Take is as it comes

1. I will not have any set ideas about how my parenting journey will turn out
2. I will follow my instincts
3. I will ask for support clearly as soon as I need it
4. I will ensure I build in time for myself and my partner
5. I will say when people cross my boundaries telling me what to do with my child

Ask for and offer support

6. I will recognise that most mums struggle in some way and reach out to them
7. I will carve out quality one-on-one time with my other child/ren
8. I will celebrate my imperfections as they show I am human
9. I will know that if I am doing my best I am not a bad mum
10. I will recognise that the most challenging times will pass

It’s a balancing act

11. I will keep a balance between what is private and what is to be shared.
12. I will focus on enjoying memories not just recording them
13. I will recognise that parenting like life is a series of ups and downs
14. I will not assume that the mum who looks perfect actually is
15. I will know that money spent and happy moments do not necessarily mean the same thing

Celebrate your individuality

16. I will speak at to someone at the nursery/school gates even if I think it will kill me – it rarely does!
17. I will not expect my children to perform on demand
18. I will not apologise for my child being an individual
19. I will tap into online and offline support networks
20. I will never beat myself up or write myself off
21. I will know that I am blessed to be a mum even in the shitty moments and there will be plenty of those!

Suggestions for resolutions for new mums

What would you add to my list of essential resolutions for new mums at the embark on the parenting ride?


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This Mum's Life

Adoption stories can help different characters in the adoption process including birth parents, adopted children and adoptive parents. They can help people decide if adoption is for them at all either putting them off something that would not have suited their circumstances or firming their resolve to go ahead. It is not only the adopted child who experiences loss and trauma in the process and the more we talk about adoption openly and honestly, the better off people in the process will be.

Adoption Stories

The first thing to say is that no two adoption stories are the same.

Even the reasons a birth mother will have for giving up a child will differ.

What is it like to be a friend or colleague of an adopted person?

How do adopted people cope with the education system?

Do adopted people struggle to form loving relationships?

Is it important to celebrate the day you were adopted even after you have lost your parents?

There is so much loss in the adoption process and some victims are forgotten such as a sister who loses her siblings to adoption.

There are birth fathers who perhaps never find out they are dads and there are those who were not given a voice in the adoption process. How do they feel?

What is clear that bare statistics can never tell the full adoption and fostering story.

Here’s to adoptive parents who give children a second chance.

Adoption UK is a charity that is a great diving board into the world of adoption.

Are you involved in adoption? Would you like to share your story?

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