Show Real Blogs – a new linky

Show Real Blogs launches today and I encourage bloggers to take part by sharing real stories about their real lives rather than those air-brushed versions we keep seeing online.

To get you started, here are some examples of things from my real life this week.

1. Finding hot chocolate powder all over my kitchen floor after the teen decided to have a midnight feast.

2. Planning a visit to a car boot sale that turned out not to exist at all.

3. The dog chewing the remote control for the telly.

Show Real Blogs is not necessarily about things that go wrong but sometimes those are the very things that make our lives real. The day out where you ended up in a traffic jam, the baking afternoon where siblings fell out or anything that shows reality rather than spin.

So you can take part if you are not showing off in blog posts and presenting a perfect life because I don’t believe they exist and I also think pretending they do if just driving people into the ground as they try to live up to the latest instagram image or whatever.

I am delighted to have lovely co-hosts too including Mrs Teepot and My Little Cheeky Monkey and hopefully a couple of others coming on board soon.

Kate on thin ice

#ShowRealBlogs Linky Rules:

1. Add our badge to the HTML / Text portion of your post. Or, add a back link to my blog using #ShowRealBlogs. You can find the badge in my sidebar on the right.

2. Please comment on this post and one other of your choice. Please Tweet any posts you enjoy to share the blogger love.

3. Link a maximum of 3 posts per week.

4. Tag myself @kateonthinice on Twitter with your post link and #ShowRealBlogs

What do you think of my blog?

What do you think of my blog?

I need your help

Feedback on my blog is required as I decide what direction to take it in now that I have worked out how to be happy.

I am also going to check out the major parent and lifestyle blogging networks.

What Do You Think Of My Blog

It would be fun to grow my audience and to find new people to engage with.

What I want to know

So I have some questions for you that probably nobody will answer but it is worth asking for some really constructive and honest criticism for my new chapter.

  1. Do you like the and colours? What winds you up about them? Is it white enough, uncluttered enough and can you read the fonts OK?
  2. Do you find the blog easy to get around/navigate? How could it be improved?
  3. Big  one – how could the images be improved and what tools and tips would you recommend for this?
  4. Did you find the social media icons so that you could share any content you really loved?
  5. What should I put in my About Me page?
  6. Would you want to work with this blog if are or were a brand?
  7. Would you like podcasts and video to be added to the blog?

My blog

I am thinking I should play to my strengths in terms of content so advice on real issues for families, coverage of charitable campaigns, an agony column with a little bit of fun lifestyle stuff thrown in for good measure.

I want the blog to help people and when sharing information and advice to include real stories and anecdotes to make folks feel less isolated and to raise awareness a bit too.


I am not expecting your to answer all the questions or even one of them but if you have wanted to shout at me for having rotten images, a bad design or anything  else, the time to do it is now.

And of course if you want to go to town and give me a full critique, that would be welcome too.



Post Comment Love

My new linky – Show Real blogs!

Welcome to my new linky which goes by the title of Show Real!


I have blogged since about 2007 and in those 10 years it seems to be me that what started out as a way for real people to share their real lives and to develop a bit of peer support along the way, blogging is now all too often about showing off.

New Linky

Here is my perfect body, expensive holiday, gorgeous mansion, talented children, blah, blah, blah!

The concept of Show Real blogs

Do you have a perfect life? I know that I don’t. It’s lovely but it is real and true and sometimes things go awry and often those are the very things of which memories are made.

Any blogger can join in with any type of post where things are real, authentic and even better where things might have gone a bit wrong. The days out where it rained all day, the new house where you discovered damp, the children who threw a tantrum in a very public place, the stretchmarks and weight gain after kids, the baking day where the kitchen ended up an entire mess – you get the idea?


If you would be interested in co-hosting this with me let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me via my contact form.


Rules will be few – the usual sort of thing about sharing the blogger love by trying to read other entries and leave a supportive comment where you can. There will be a shiny badge designed by my daughter.

Get involved

I will promote linked posts on my social media channels, leave comments and feature my favourite one weekly.

The first linky will go live next Wednesday and I welcome you all to come along and show real, demonstrate our humanity and imperfections. Let’s fight back against air-brushed lives. We will use the hashtag #showrealblogs unless someone has a better suggestion.

I would love to know what you think of my new linky and to hear from anyone who would like to co-host.