Child-free flights are on the wish list for British travellers.

Child-free Flights

Any parent knows that travelling by plane after having children is a very different experience. It can be challenging to entertain children on long flights. They may be sleepy and irritable.

I confess to waiting years before going on a plane with my children as even the thought of it made me anxious. I did not want to face the frowns of other passengers if my children behaved less than perfectly.

A new poll of 2000 Brits has revealed that a staggering 52% of us would opt for child-free flights given the opportunity. The survey carried out by found nearly 30 % of respondents cited noisy children and crying babies as the biggest annoyance you could experience on a plane.

Other bugbears were people encroaching on your personal space and drunken passengers

When it came to suggestions for flight improvements, 56% would pay for more spacious seats with only 27% saying they would pay extra for better food and drink.

Holiday Hypermarket representative Ian Crawford says “It’s not just children that annoy others on planes and that’s clear from the finding of our survey. It’s a tough call – many travellers have every sympathy with parents of noisy children and I’m sure there are plenty of people who would like to see family-only flights introduced as well. There have been talks of child-free flights for a while now and with some airlines introducing child-free zones, it’s good to see some compromise.”

So what do you think? Should we celebrate babies and children in any environment? Would you pay extra to secure an adults-only flight? Perhaps you have had a negative experience where an adult was at fault? I would love to know what you think so please leave a comment.

Mum Muddling Through

Welcome to my Dancewear giveaway courtesy of Dancewear Central and perfect for back to school season.

Dancewear Giveaway

The prize is worth over £50 and consists of:

•Vanity case
•Tote bag
•Water bottle
•Key ring
•Hair pins
•A4 and A5 notepads
•Pencil case


Dancewear Central is the leading specialist in dancewear throughout the UK. We believe that dance is the ultimate art form. With its creativity and beauty, dance is the perfect way to express yourself, and that’s why we only stock quality dancewear that will give you the freedom and comfort to move and perform. Everyone should be able to enjoy dance, that’s why our dance clothes are all available at affordable prices, so you can find something that suits you, whatever your budget.

Dancewear range

We stock a wide range of dancewear for men, women, girls and boys, including leotards, unitards, leggings & shorts, dance pants & tops, warm-up wear, underwear and footwear. If you have a dance exam coming up, don’t panic. We stock a wide range of dance exam and regulation wear, so you focus on practicing.

Dance accessories

We also stock the finishing touches to your dance outfit, from dance bags to keep your dancewear neat and tidy to dance shoe accessories. We’re also a proud stockist of professional and stage make-up, so you can look like a star while you dance like one.

Dancewear brands delivered directly to you

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There is a new Facebook group for women called Beautiful Blooms

Facebook Group For Women

My blog is all about supporting women so I have established a little closed FB group where women and mums can come to be inspired, to share and to support one another.

Why Beautiful Blooms?

I have called the group beautiful blooms because I think that just like flower women are a diverse bunch but each one has a beauty all of their own. There is the individual beauty that we are born with and then other layers of beauty that come with age and life experience and knowledge.

Facebook group for women by women

As a beauty called Cerys said to me:

“You can give the seed of knowledge water it with enthusiasm and encouragement and it will bloom into a full understanding, as that flower fades the newest stems will appear and new knowledge is born… a plant does not grow linear unless controlled instead it is a branching overlapping developing being just like knowledge.”

This really inspired me as I know my new Facebook group can enthuse and encourage women on their own unique journeys on a continual basis but perhaps especially when life throws a challenge or a curveball. I love the analogy of a woman even if a little faded reviving and taking baby steps to new ways of being.

My friend Candace puts it better than I can by saying it is all about “blossoming in to the best version of you.

A new acquaintance Melissa said the term blooms reminds her of growth and reaching potential.

Who is Brilliant Blooms for?

It is for any woman who would like to give and receive support knowing that women can help each other move forwards positively in the most powerful way.

If you have hopes and dreams that feel a bit stuck, this is a good group for you.

If you feel isolated and lonely, you are welcome in Beautiful Blooms where you will forge new friendships.

If you lack self-confidence, you will be able to chat to people who know just how you feel in a safe and confidential environment and also tap into the wise words of women who have managed to overcome such challenges.

So take the bud you are now and turn into a blooming wonder!






Money worries are something I know a lot about. Over the years I have had my own and as a debt counsellor, I have helped so many families and individuals get out of debt and manage their finances better.

One thing that always strikes me is how troublesome the emotions around money worries and debt issues can be. It is so difficult to take practical action when you are in a blind panic as to who will knock on the door next, what threatening letter will appear in the post and how you are going to manage to put on a show at Christmas for the kids.

Money worries

I asked some parents to describe their feelings when bills are high and income sometimes does not cover basis expenditure.

“When money is tight I feel suffocated and overwhelmed.” –  Kirsty

Money Worries

“I have a mental money line beneath which I get extremely stressed” – Kati

Debt problems

“I hate being in debt and wish I could be done with it once and for all” –  Claire

“I hate having money worries. When I do I am in a bad mood and miserable” –  Victoria

“Money worries can leave you feeling very lonely. When my wife was pregnant with our third child and had stopped working I didn’t want to tell her we were falling more and more into debt” -. Peter

“Completely out of my depth and very uptight” – Kimberley


“I feel awful that we are having to be so tight with money Myself and my husband work 4 jobs between us and we still have to tell the girls no. As a parent it really hurts” -. Jade

“I hate it. It make me fell like all my options, choices and freedoms belong to somebody else like I have to justify every treat or non-essential item to some invisible banker. It makes me feel like I have no control over my future” – Luschka

Using my experience as a debt counsellor, I have put together a little money plan that will help people take baby steps to tackle money trouble. Subscribe to my blog and I will send you this resource.  This is free of charge and just might help you get on track to solving those money issues once and for all

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A Blogging Good Time

The Pramshed

Share your blog posts with me on Show Real Blogs. It is super simple to join in with – so long as you are posting honestly and not showing off a perfect life (as if they exist anyway) you are welcome here with any type of post from food to travel, from family to crafts, from education to wellbeing so long as you tell it like it is.

As my own blog takes on moving towards an information and advice blog along with celebrating women and mums of course, I will use this post each week to share my real life warts and all.

As I write this I am feeling a little glum and am letting things get to me. I think I am probably pre-menstrual and then if the period turns up, I will get cross for allowing it to get to me.

We have had a quiet week here because I have so much work to do and so does my husband.

We have had some lovely sunshine but also some dull and overcast days reflecting my mood today.

We have a move coming up and although that is exciting, there are also so many things to organise beforehand.

Tomorrow will feel better. Do you get hit by pre-menstrual tension?

Right, back to the linky!


Rules are few and basically involve displaying the badge designed by my daughter and trying your best to read and comment on some of the other linked up blog posts.

Get involved

I will promote linked posts on my social media channels, leave comments and feature my favourite one weekly.

I welcome you all to come along and show real, demonstrate our humanity and imperfections. Let’s fight back against air-brushed lives. We will use the hashtag #showrealblogs.

I would love to know what you think about the Show Real linky and to hear from anyone who would like to co-host.