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The lovely Claire over here has tagged me in a wonderful meme about Britmums Live, that wonderful event in June when hundreds of parent bloggers cast their cares aside and head for some networking, learning and laughing.

Meme Rules Its Simple… Copy the nosey questions, and paste them within your own post, followed by your own answers … Tag another 2-4 bloggers to do the same (alerting them to the meme) tip (it’s a good idea to make sure they are attending before tagging them)! Once complete link your completed Meme to the Linky in this post (don’t forget to share rules with your tagged few, giving them this URL for the Linky). This way we can keep track of the answers and importantly who’s tagged. Please link to, and state the creator as A boy with Aspergers. We’re off!

Q: What’s your blog title/URL and how long have you been blogging?

My blog title is Kate On Thin Ice and Groovy Mums.  I have blogged since early 2009 initially over at How To Laugh In The Face Of It All.

Q: Will Britmums Live be your First blogging conference?

Yes and the first time I have met a real-life blogger.  Oh actually that is a lie as I will be meeting some on Thursday this week out of the blue.

Q: Did you bag yourself a sponsor?

I am a speaker so my ticket is covered.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about the conference?

Just the whole idea of being in the company of some marvellous women and bloggers and the odd fella too.  I am looking forward to seeing how different it will feel having already built up some trust online rather than just turning up to big conferences where you know nobody and small talk dries up too fast on my part.  Of course, I am looking forward to learning lots too.

Q: Are you wearing Branded Clothing ( you’re sponsors brand)?

The brand I will be wearing will in all likelihood be charity shop.  However, if a ladieswear retailer would like to pay for me a frock, that will be gratefully received.

Q: What is your planned style for this event?

Planned?  I am noted for doing things last minute and also worrying about what everyone else will be doing so that I fit in.  Currently, I have no idea except that I am hoping it will be a size or two smaller than my current clothes.  I will not be wearing the outfit featured on my “Who is Kate and Why Is She On Thin Ice?” page.

Q: Are you hoping to be nominated for a BiB award?

It is lovely to be nominated for awards.  However, I don’t want to push for nominations.  If they come, so be it.  If they don’t, the engagement of my readers is lovely in its own right.

Q: if so what category?

I would prefer nominations in the Inspire Category although there are other relevant ones for me too.

Q: Will you be looking to network with Brands?

I have no firm plan.  As it is my first event, it will be very much suck it and see.

Q: What do u hope to walk away having gained from the conference?

It would be really lovely to come away with some actual friendships rather than just online ones.  I would like to learn especially about writing and money-making.  I would like to walk away thinking that although nervous, I went and made a success of it.

Q: Will you be dressing up in the toilets for the Friday night BiBs?

I will be more worried about getting locked in the toilet which I always seem to do on important occasions.

Q: Are you speaking at the conference and if so when, where and how do you feel about doing so?

I go the shock of my life when Britmums asked me to speak at the conference.  I only said yes because it seemed so far away.  Now, it is really close and it is daunting to be amongst such an array of celebrities and blogging glitterati.  However, I am thinking positive and seizing the day partly because if I do it, it encourages others to step outside of their comfort zone too.  You can find me on the agenda somewhere.  I had better go and look at it myself ..

Q: Will you be joining in the early morning bloggercise on the Saturday?

Do I want to get sweaty?  Probably not.  Probably should but doubt it will happen.

Q: What speakers are you most looking forward to listening to?

I don’t think there are any speakers that I would not like to listen to.  Will have another look at the agenda.

Q: What workshops will you be attending on the Friday (Day 1)

Probably Getting Published.

Q: What Workshops being held on the Saturday (Day 2) have grabbed your attention?

The ones on writing and making money.  Does that make me shallow?

Q: Are u booked into a hotel for the Friday night, if yes which one?

I will be at the Hoxton thanks to a generous benefactor.

Q: Will you be looking for after party drinks

I am not great socially with people I don’t know well.  However, throw a couple of bacardis down me and you may see a far more vivacious side to me.  I promise not to take my clothes off.

Q: Are u worried about not knowing anyone or being confident and socialising on the day?

Worried and nervous.  I would feel like that anyway but the fact that I am speaking and that I keep getting mentioned alongside Sarah Brown and Ruby Wax makes me feel I will disappoint people.  I am not famous and I spend my days at home behind a laptop.

Q: What’s are you most likely to be found doing while attending Britmums Live?

Trying to find the venue and failing miserably.

Talking too much or too little.

Hiding in the loo or getting locked in it.

Hanging around on the edge of groups trying to find my way in.

Avoiding any of that air-kissing stuff.

Scribbling notes.

Downing bacardis as Dutch courage.

Now, it’s your turn and I can’t wait to read them answers! Tagging whoever asks me too as not sure who is going to Britmums Live. Those that like the Linky and want to get involved, can join without the requirement of a tag. Please do follow the same rules though, not forgetting to link up.

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    Tell you what Kate – reading this really makes me want to go! I’m horribly sad to miss you speaking and the chance to meet up but I know you’ll be fantastic and get loads out of it. Never mind air kissing – sending you a virtual smackaroo (Ida’s fav kind of kiss at the moment). I’m a hugger I’m afraid – especially if there’s been rum….

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