I am not having the best of days.  I am feeling undervalued, taken for granted and a little abused.

After having 2 nights away with work this week,  Him Indoors announced this morning that he would be going in to work again as they are relocating offices. They have a removal firm but nope, Superman has to be there to sort out his office himself.  Unpaid to boot, wonderful! As we live out in the sticks and I don’t drive, all I could see was yet another day of being housebound and hemmed in.  It felt a little like he was taking the piss to be honest.

Anyway, with a choice between my company and work, work won so that is just the way that bloody fortune cookie crumbled this week.

I cannot remember volunteering to become a full-time housewife carrying the vast majority of childcare and cleaning.  As I recall, I was made redundant and have just never really got back into a decent flow since.

Anyway, the blog is a useful place to offload.  However, because I purport to be a Groovy Mum (don’t roll around laughing on the floor like that!), I am going to have a go at the challenges from this week.

1.  Healthy Breakfast – I have got back on track with the healthy eating generally.  Today, I felt so emotional but was determined not to give in and so breakfast was porridge and all the rest of my food was goody-two-shoed too. Well done me!

2. Fortune Cookie – This is what I want to find in it.  “You will find a paid role that utilises your writing and promotional skills and where you feel you are making a positive difference.  You will have a loving and faithful partner who wants to spend time with you and talk to you. He will appreciate all you do and comment on it regularly.  You will make at least one very good female friend that you can see and rely on in the real world.  Your children will keep in good health and continue to pursue their dreams.  Your dogs will stop moulting and your bins will never be full”

3.  Chinese New Year Animal – I am an Earth Monkey.  Here is what I am supposed to be like. 


They are diligent, motivated individuals, honest and trustworthy. They are calm and collected, genuinely concerned for the betterment of others. They are serious about their occupations and their friendships and are more dependable than most. Earth Monkeys devote themselves completely to causes and people they love and believe in. They don’t have much of an ego because they are such genuine human beings. They demand respect and can pitch a fit if not shown what they believe they deserve”

Does this description ring true?  Certainly that last bit resonates loudly today.  Ask Him Indoors if I have thrown af fit all day and see what he says!  Bloody deserved it too, he did.

4. Blogging – Well, I am pleased to report the Charity Connections – Blogging It Forward group is going well with 53 bloggers joining in its first 5 days. There are some interesting discussions taking place. Check out this group and so much more at http://britmums.com

5. Special Day – Getting the new Britmums role was very important to me, a sense of light at the end of a very long tunnel. I don’t feel anyone in my close circle has wanted to celebrate this with me.  Perhaps I will just have a party for one.  I was hoping for a quality family day out today but Him Indoors had places he preferred to be without us.

6. Have I lost that loving feeling? Answers on a postcard ….