1. I have never seen Xmas decorations in charity shops. Will keep looking.

    I’ve always been a fan of eclectic and colourful tree decorations, rather being fashionable or colour-co-ordinated.


  2. Here the charity shops were so over full with holiday decorations that they had them for sale at 50% off for two weeks in November. I mainly bought ones that I can craft with. The ones I use to decorate are those we’ve had for years and bring back family memories.


  3. Hurray for festivities! As a family we always decorated around the same time as you because we had to wait til after mine and my brother’s birthdays. This year tho Sam and I are decorating on the 1st December and I intend to make it our new tradition :)
    Will definitely be trawling the charity shops. Almost went in one today on account of fantastic armchairs selling for a tenner…but we’re already overloaded with 2nd hand furniture. But you can never have another christmas deco’s!


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