Do You Have Any Reasons To Be Cheerful? Share Them Here.

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Do you have any reasons for cheerfulness this week? How about sharing them with us?

Every week, the lovely Mich over at Mummy from the Heart hostesses a lovely blog hop where we are encouraged to focus on the positives, even the little ones, in our lives. It is a great way to meet some very wonderful bloggers and to share in each others joys.

It is great to do on the weeks where you want to shout your happinesses from the rooftops and equally good when you really need to remind yourself that there is sunshine amongst the clouds. I am hostessing for Mich this week so here goes with my reasons.

1. I continue to eat healthily and to lose weight. I have gone from hoping I will lose weight to knowing I will. I have shifted over one and a half stones so far in just 7 weeks. I know I keep saying it out loud but I am so happy as I really thought I would never be slim again. I am even thinking that when I reach my target, I might arrange to renew my wedding vows because as we all know, ladies, it is all about the dress.

2. Although it was a pretty rubbishy event, we had a good family night out on Bonfire Night complete with fun fair rides, ice-cream, hot dogs and fireworks. Bonfire Night has special poignancy for me as like the Queen, I have 2 birthdays and this is one of them. It marks 42 years since I came to my Mum and Dad on adoption. Mum always used to say it felt like all the fires and bonfires were just for my arrival.

3. After a really busy week last week, I have enjoyed chilling a bit more this week. I have a big week coming up as it is my son’s 11th birthday so rest while I can.

4. It is the time of the month for me and I got hit by awful pre-menstraul tension again. However, I am cheerful that I am now more aware of my own body so can realise what is happening rather than think my negative thoughts are real.

5. Let’s remind myself again and others too that we are alive. That means we have some time to make some memories and to pursue our dreams no matter what has gone wrong for us in the past. I am sure recent events have made many of us aware of the fragility of life so let’s be cheerful that we have it and do something with it.

Come and share your reasons for smiling this week by linking up below.

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  1. Great to see you doing so well with the weight loss, we dont have bonfire night here but i loved looking at everyones pics on twitter, grateful i wasnt in the rain and cold for a change


  2. Happy birthday! Well done on losing weight and I agree you should renew your vows :) I’d love to do that as when I got married I was nearly 4 st heavier than I am now! (oh and I would love to renew them to re-affirm them of course!)


  3. Whata lovely birthdya to celebrate. Glad you are chilling a bit and big well done on the weight loss. Cheers for hosting. Mich x


  4. What lovely reasons to be cheerful! Well done on the weight loss and you’re so right about being aware that we’re alive and able to make memories to treasure :D


  5. Your mum sounds lovely. We are having our bonfire celebrations this weekend. Hoping that the weather holds out. Well done on the weight loss. Fantastic x


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