1. Re: the smear. I asked to see the person they would book me with if I was 20 years younger and doing it for the first time. As soon as I walked in I burst into tears. She was lovely and it was over in a flash with no discomfort. So I cried again. You can be prescribed valium for these things (this lovely nurse told me). Just one dose for the duration. Just having this knowledge made me feel completely different. Brililant about everything else! Who knew that such a turnaround would happen so quickly! I always feel empowered in London, amazing place. Px

  2. The Rambling Pages

    I agree with Polly London is an empowering place, I think its the hustle and bustle and feeling part of it. March seems to be going really well for you, so much happening and 2 new dresses! By the way is there a linky for groovy mum’s this week, I’ve actualy written a blog post and now cant find the link!!


  3. Goodluck today hope everything goes well with the test, as im under 25 i havent had the pleasure yet but im hoping things change there if im honest!
    You seem to be heading in a very positive direction it’s great. I love the calender idea think it’s brilliant! x

  4. Chickenruby

    Things a sounding really good Kate, I’ve always fancied a hand made dress.


  5. Wow, it sounds as though you are doing fabulously! Do you have a picture of the dress – I love fifties style things, so I’d love to have a look!

    Hoping the smear test wasn’t too horrid! xx

  6. Claire@Mummy Plum

    What an invigorating, positive post. So glad that you are feeling empowered and happy. Great stuff. :0)

  7. Susanna

    We didn’t take a chance. We knew. x


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