I am on a quest to rediscover and renivent myself.  How is it all going?

1.  March is proving to be quite exciting.  Not that long ago, I felt so housebound and unmotivated to get out of the house.  Now it is looking like every week, I will have an event that someone actually wants me to be at.  I was in London with Britmums last week.  By the end of March, I will have had 2 meetings in my new Trustee role with a local charity.  Yesterday, just as I was getting a bit bored, in popped an email inviting me to another event in London.  When I was on a bus in London last week, I felt so empowered and realised that just because things have being so stuck for a while does not mean they have to stay that way.

2. As I feel better about myself, I am investing in myself a bit more.  At the weekend, I saw a beautiful Fifties style dress displayed in a local gift shop.  It has a card on it with a blog address for a dressmaker.  I contacted her asking how much it would be to have a dress designed for my college reunion in September.  She quoted a really reasonable price.  Him Indoors says he will sort one (or did I just tell him?) and then my Dad said if I wanted one to wear at Britmums Live he would pay for that.  I have a very lovely father. 

3. I am still trying to lose weight but in a healthy frame of mind where if i have a blip I do not go on a complete emotional downer.

4. I have booked a smear test which is today.  I hate smear tests and my last one was in 2003.  Yes, I know that is terrible but I do have a policy of telling the truth however awful.  The last time I had a smear it was horrendous and the nurse said that it was because my cervix was in a strange place.  It put me right off.  I also want to get a lump checked out.  Time to grow up and face the music.

5. I am being proactive and reaching out to charities as part of my newish role with Britmums.  Huge thanks to Susanna and her team for taking a chance on me.

6. I am even encouraging mum bloggers to get together to do a fundraising charity calendar of the burlesque variety.  Who knew when I started this journey back in September that it would take such twists and turns.

Action Points Before My Next Report

1. Take a walk every day.

2. Book that first driving lesson.


Over and out!