It is Monday and after two weeks of ups and downs on the feelings front about my weight loss journey, today I feel like I am back on track.

I got weighed today and am back down to what I was two weeks ago. This means I am on target to achieve what I wanted which is to enter the New Year at under 15 stone. Yes I know that is still way too big but if it is going down, I am heading in the right direction.

Feedback on my blog and my reading of other blogs shows that the feelings are largely the same whether you feel fat at size 12 or at size 34. Apparently, one in four women are now size 18 plus. However, beware of consulting dress size websites that all seem to give widely varying measurements for the same dress size.

This is my journey and I will be honest about it.

This week, I have eaten very healthily in the main with planned treats such as a roast chicken dinner and my usual fish and chip Friday with my Dad.

I have had too much to drink, not huge amounts but alcohol is better left alone really as empty calories in so many ways. It also can lead me to late-night munchies which explains 2 rounds of chocolate cheesecake this week.

The cold weather makes exercise less attractive than ever. I need to do something to burn those calories.

I got measured this morning as I am advised that can be a more reliable indicator of how a weight loss programme is going. Even this is not as straightforward as it sounds.

When you are fat and blessed with post-babies flabbiness, you do have a bit of a choice how you measure yourself. How tight should you pull the tape measure?

By my calculations, my measurements are as follows. So long as I measure in the same way every time, I will get a fair indication of progress.

My bust comes in at 39 inches
My waist comes in at 36 inches
my widest part comes in at 45 and a half inches.

Thank you to my lovely Twitter friend Chloe who says it will help if I rebrand this bottom-heavy bit as “bootylicious”.

I am aware that some of my clothes are hanging off me both trousers and tops. When I touch my face, there is this hard bit which can only be a cheekbone shock horror. Similarly, this week, I felt a bonier shoulder than usual. Little indications that I have done so well in only just over 2 months and can continue to do so.

What is now proven is that I will have good weeks and bad and that the support of others makes a big difference to how I feel.

I am linking up to the lovely Liska at New Mum Online who makes a huge difference to my life through her #mumentum initiative, a peer support mechanism for mums unhappy with their weight. Check her and other weight loss stories out here