1. Visible Vixen

    Thinking slimmer CDs? Do report back if they work! Thank you for a lovely positive post, made me want to count my blessings too.


  2. love number 3. it’s amazing the things we do because it makes our kids happy! hope you have a fab weekend. xxx


  3. It’s 6am and my toddler woke me up an hour ago. He is now sleeping soundly on my arm and I am scouting new blogs on my phone. Lovely post – sounds like its been quite an action packed time for you! And hooray for cross stitch. I love crafting – I just wish I could finish something!

    Sian @ Elisgeorge.com


  4. Fab list as always, I’m intrigued now, who is your world famous best blogging buddy? have a great bank holiday, Mich x


  5. I love reading people’s happy lists, it makes me realise that it really is the little things in life that make a difference to our everyday existence. And sunshine, of course!


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