What Are My Christmasey Reasons To Be Cheerful?

I am back to blogging after the Christmas break. It actually feels quite weird and I feel ridiculously nervous about posting for some strange reason. So I am taking the easy option of joining with a blog hop as a step to dipping my toe in the blogging water.

Here are my Christmasey reasons to be cheerful.

1. Quality time with Him Indoors. It is great to see him relaxing and forgetting about work for a while.

2. A wonderful luxury cottage that we escaped to for the festive break. A peaceful zone away from any potential family conflicts. Full of squishy sofas, comfy beds and a kitchen well-equipped for Him Indoors to prepare the Christmas meal in. Yes, dear readers, I did not cook or wash up for 2 whole days.

3. A surprise meal out on Christmas Eve with Him Indoors and the children at a country pub that was new to us. The most wonderful food and yes, we will be back.

4. A long and relaxing Christmas Day with good presents, food and drink. Gordon’s Cookalong, children’s movies and the Christmas soaps playing their part in the day. For the first time ever, I even squeezed in a nap on the sofa on Christmas Day afternoon. Most importantly, a Christmas with the people I love most and am most loved by.

5. Two reindeers that decided to walk right up to the cottage on our final day. How very perfect!

6. A lovely red robbin that popped along just as we were handing the keys in to the cottage. My late Mum loved robins. She clearly approves of my “do it my way” Christmas.

7. A really relaxing Boxing Day again without any pressure.

8. Various shopping trips to play with that pre-Christmas tax refund. Biggest purchase was a new telly as I get lots of fun about spending in charity shops too. Also a wonderful trip to the Panto courtesy of my Netmums prize win.

9. Baking bonanzas with my daughter resulting in a giant gingerbread man, a gingerbread cottage, a Christmas cake and some animal shaped biscuits.

10. Progress in the house disposing of furniture we no longer want and clothing too. A very good feeling to say goodbye to those clothes that a much larger lady used to wear.

11. Progress in terms of arranging GP and dentist appointments, haircut, socks and knickers buying and other vital stuff.

12. Welcoming my Dad home from my brother’s house where he had a quiet but happy Christmas. Conversing well and laughing a lot too.

Twelve very good reasons to match the 12 days of Christmas.

Pop over to http://mdplife.blogspot.com to see other people celebrating their Christmas joys.

It is good to be back to blogging and I sense instinctively there is a very interesting New Year ahead.

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    Lovely post – I’m so glad your break went well. It was certainly well deserved! Love number 10, esp the bit about clothes a larger lady used to wear. Brilliant brilliant! Merry Christmas & have a grand NYE & indeed New Year! x

  2. says

    I had a small blogging break (not much of one but it felt like it!) and I was finding the thought of posting quite hard. Sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas,and I love the 12 reasons matching the 12 days!

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