What Are My Reasons To Be Cheerful?

Are you thinking positively?  If you sometimes struggle to do so,  why not write down your Reasons To Be Cheerful?

I do this most weeks with Michelle over at http://mdplife.blogspot and it really helps me focus on the happier things in life.

What are my reasons for smiling this week?

1. My son had a CT scan and everything is fine.  I thought it would be but better to have these things checked out.

2. My other son has gone on a “gifted child” register at the grand old age of 6.  I am happy about this partly because it means he will get additional support from school and partly because it probably explains some of his less than ideal behaviour.

3. My daughter has a  new hair band thing that actually holds her wild locks in place.  This is a huge reason for me. I envy those Mums whose little girls’ hair can be put in plaits and ponytails etc. Hair bands is the way from now on and I think I have found another mum who can make some for me.

4. I had a lovely family afternoon out at a free Waterways Museum.  We had a very affordable snack and enjoyed learning lots more about boats and social history.  I am a big fan of all things historical and seem to have passed this on to my children. 

5.  I have had little trips out with my Dad.

6. I got loads of support on my post http://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/why-am-i-struggling/  I am pleased to report all the wise words have put me right back on track.  I have eaten only healthy things today and feel like my mind is in the right place too.

7. I hope to be volunteering with the Joe Bingley Memorial Foundation very soon.

8. I am booked into Britmums Live and have my accommodation sorted which is probably a very good thing seeing as I am listed as a speaker.

9. Did you hear I am now a member of the Britmums Team?  Yes, I know you did but it did fall within the last week’s news so I am shouting out loud about it again.  Iwill stop now, honest.

10. People have shown generous support for the new Britmums Group called Charity Connections -Blogging It Forward.  There are already 50 members and more joining all the time. If you are a parent who blogs and wants to look at how you can join forces with charity in some way, please do join.  You are not committed to doing anything unless you want to and there are some really interesting discussions taking place on there.  Plus you get to find out just how diverse the voluntary and community sector is both at home and abroad.  You can find out more over at http://britmums.com

11. I am really happy that bloggers are getting behind the Breakthrough Breast Cancer blog hop I set up today.   All you have to do is write a post with 90 words (or more if you want to) about a woman who matters to you and then mention the new fundraising initiative from Breakthrough and Pink Ribbon Bingo.   You can find out more by clicking here http://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/2012/01/26/i-am-looking-for-90-bloggers-to-support-breakthrough-breast-cancer/  I have set a target based on bingo numbers of 90 people linking up so I could do with the support or I will have egg on t’old face.

12.  Him Indoors has had 2 night away.  I have enjoyed having some space and being totally in charge of things here. I am now cheerful that in 5 hours he will be home and we will be an “us” again.

A great week.

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    So many reasons to be cheerful wonderful! Really pleased your son is okay now have been following your posts and hope you’re feeling brighter. Hannah xx

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    So glad your son is OK, that’s a big weight off your mind. Your daughter obviously takes after you in the hair department! Would love to support the breast cancer blog but am not having a groovy week with writing (no reason) so may have to join up later. Have a great weekend. Polly

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