After #BritMumsLive, I find myself exhausted, enthused and elated in roughly equal measure.

It is easy to forget how you reach the points that you do and to remember to say thank you to those who helped you on the way.

I am sending a a huge thank you to all involved in Mummy from the Heart’s Reasons to be Cheerful. Mich most of all for having the idea to have a weekly focus on positivity in the first place and all the lovely ladies and gents who have got involved since. It is a lovely community offering peer support in challenging times and celebrating with you when things go well.

1. My number one reason to be cheerful this week is that I went to BritMums, survived two speaking sessions and lived to tell the good bits and the truly awful bits

2. My son is smiling which we are taking as a really good indication that he is enjoying his induction into secondary school. He has made new friends and his major bully has being put in another class altogether.

3. I feel I have a friend or two in the making since BritMumsLive and I find that really exciting. I have felt very isolated for a lot of years. I am not a person who finds it easy to make friends but I feel I have some in the blogging community now. Thank you ladies.
You know who you are and are probably running for the hills as we speak.

4. My children had a good time with their half-sister whilst I was at BritMums. They don’t go to stay with people so this was a huge deal for them. It went well and I think it was amazing for them to spend some quality time with Caz and her family.

5. When I wake up from the whole BritMumsLive experience, I have huge changes planned. I will be blogging in a different way, being more proactive about business and taking strides with my other writing. I will also be getting back to the healthy eating and exercise routines.

6. We have more #mums4good shopping online and supporting charity at the same time. What do you mean you have not signed up yet? You can do that here or via the BritMums/ambassadors websites.

I have the power in me and you have it in your too. Let’s get started!