What Happened When I Left Home For 24 Hours?

I had an unexpected trip to London this week and stayed overnight.

I will be revealing all about why I was there and what will happen next very soon on this blog but here are some edited highlights of the trip.

1.  Peace and quiet on the train down, time to think, to snooze and to relax

2. My first time with one of those wheelie case type things

3. Meeting an attractive French man who needed my help

4. Feeling more confident in myself courtesty of the Editor of Vogue

5. Eating out alone

6. Falling asleep in front of Masterchef

7. Despairing as I stained my dress for my VIM (Very Important Meeting)

8. Needing oxygen on climbing far too many stairs to my hotel room

9. Putting on support underwear and living to regret it

10. Wearing boots instead of slippers and living to regret it

11. Wearing a statement necklace given to me by my late Mum and thinking of her lots

12. Feeling young, free, single and childless just for a little while especially when …

13. Dealing with too many frantic phone-calls from home

14. Actually and miraculously navigating my way across London by bus and foot

15. Almost putting on make-up but then thinking that was probably not wise in view of VIM

16. Burning my cheek

17. Blistering my feet

18. Drinking coffee out of a glass.  Why?!

19. Meeting bloggers for the very first time – they exist, they are real, they are as lovely as they appear online

20. Learning all about Police Community Support Officers

21. Forgetting to eat in all the excitment

22.  Getting involved in a case of mistaken identity

23. Learning that I will not die if I give in to hugs and kisses

24.  Talkiing both too much and too little as usual.  What is the right balance?

25.   Having one of those “Miss Vivien” moments like in Pretty Woman


Yes, I know these are very edited highlights but if I explained each one, it would be a really long post.

Back soon with the major news.  Keep watching!

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  1. says

    Ooh sounds entertaining. I’m glad you survived relatively unscathed, barring cheek. Hope it’s ok.
    Can’t wait to find out what you have been up to :-)

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