Who Are The Women Making Changes Even on Blue Monday?

Are you suffering the impact of Blue Monday, apparently a really depressing day of the year? How about some inspirational stories of mums changing their lives in various very positive ways.

Here are this week’s Groovy Mums.

1. Mummy Plum has an important questions about animals for you. This is pretty topical with Chinese New Year just around the corner. She is a wonderful writing and is investing more time in that which is lovely to hear. She knows she does not have to move mountains in one second flat to make progress. A really heartening read.


2. Polly is another talented writer and is starting a writing course so well on track to getting published if you ask me. She reminds us that small changes make a big difference which is inspirational in itself. She is giving herself a bit of a makeover and “washing that life back into her hair”.


3. Kate is wonderful with how she shares her feelings so openly. This week she tackled all but one of the Groovy Mum challenges head on. Not to worry, her partner did the other one for her telling her just how fabulous she is in a comment. Kate it committed to doing good with her blog especially around issues such as post-natal depression and I admire her for that.


4. Sarah is the birthday girl this week so go over and tell her to enjoy her thirties. Sarah has made a list of things she wants to get done before she is 35 years of age. She also shares an inspirational video with us.


5. Lynsey set herself a very ambitious plan for 2012 last week. The great news is that she is already making good strides to achieving her goals both for her family and for herself. Lynsey – I keep trying to leave a comment saying well done but your blog won’t let me for some reason.


6. Rosie is moving away from breastfeeding and learning to adapt to that. She got lots of support from Groovy Mums with this in her comments but I am sure would welcome more feedback.


So there we have our selection of six sassy mums for this week.

They are tackling issues such as single parenting, emerging from post-natal depression, giving up breast-feeding, writing, healthy eating and exercise, potty training, meal planning and a whole lot more.

How can we say that Mums aren’t absolutely fabulous.

Groovy Mums – those that linked up this week and those that have before and those that are thinking about joining in, I salute you all.

If you are wondering what Groovy Mums is all about there is a page all about “How To Be A Groovy Mum” on this blog and/or you can check out tomorrow’s post where we start all over again and with a competition this time too.

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