I keep putting off writing this post.  It is great to report good news on the weight loss front. I can’t do that this week.

Despite good intentions, I can’t seem to get msyelf back into my healthy eating routine.  Last year, I found it easy and saw the weight drop off.  Since my birthday in mid-December, I seem to have gone off track.

I am still eating healthy foods some of the time.   However, I can make all sorts of excuses for eating the fattening stuff. 

“I have to eat cheese and biscuits when having a romantic night with Him Indoors”

“I have to eat cheesecake if it is in the fridge”

“I have to eat what is put in front of me if I am invited to a meal”

Of course, then the negative self-talk starts and Ihit the fridge again.

This will sound crazy but I actually think that losing so much last year (not loads but enough to see  a physical difference) shook me up a bit. I look different. It takes some getting used to even though I have stones and stones still to lose.

How do I get myself re-motivated?

Well, there is Britmums Live  in June which is not too far away and I would like to be slimmer by then.

There is my college reunion in September and as I was size 10 when I left, I would prefer to be no more than a size 14 by then.

There is the fact that when I do well I inspire others.

There is the fact that I don’t want me knee to start being in pain again.

There is the fact that I don’t want that sinking feeling when my clothes get too tight or don’t fit.

So far, all my size 16 and 18 clothes fit me as they did.  I am lucky but that luck will run out.

Oh, now I get it,  I need to get back on track.

Starting when?  Right now, tomorrow, next week?

If  you have any advice, tips, experiences or words of wisdom for me,  please do leave a comment as I am really struggling.

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