Here are my reasons to be cheerful.

1. My husband has a job offer. He could do the job so well and we just need to hope that the references suit them. If it all goes ahead, it will mean a move to the South of England but I think that will have lots of advantages of us. I think we are all reeling a bit. Perhaps inside we had given up on ever having a job offer after so many months of job-seeking. Thanks to all those who have supported us in very challenging times.

2. We have an adventure planned for the weekend. I imagine it will make us cheerful and I can let you know about it next week.

3. My husband and I had a day together yesterday where we could talk freely. We tackled some important tasks and also had a lovely lunch at a local hotel. Chicken leg with mash sounds boring but it was out of this world. I followed this with chocolate and orange sponge with custard. I know! Diet starts on Monday!!

This is probably one of my shortest Reasons to be Cheerful posts ever but you have to admit they are pretty good ones.