What are my reasons to be cheerful?

I have lots of reasons to be cheerful this week

1. My husband is continuing to find relevant job opportunities and is getting application forms sent off.  He has an interview next week.  For some reason, a lot of closing dates are at the end of the month or well into September.  I firmly believe if we are not sorted by then September will bring a lot more advertisements as employers get back to normal after the Summer holidays.

My husband got some great feedback on two jobs where he went to interview but was not given the jobs.

2. My oldest son is becoming so funny and quick with word play.  We were listening to the Madness song and he said “Our house in the middle of our street.  That’s a safety hazard”.  I need to keep writing all his witticisms down so I don’t forget them.

3. Today, my son had a friend to play and it all went really well.  I always worry about the state of the house but resolved to relax about it today.

4. My daughter and I have been going through her clothes resulting in donations to the charity shop.

5. My youngest son is cooking with me tonight after we bought a lovely children’s cookery book in the charity shop.  

6.. I have taken on a new challenge and am enjoying it.

7. I have a lot on but I seem to be managing it all OK.

8. We have got important tasks ticked off this week including injections for the dog and for my youngest son.

9. I have not yet killed my two plants after weeks.  This is nothing short of a miracle.

10. We are enjoying simple pleasures with time in the garden and at the park.  We are playing board games.  We won’t get a holiday this Summer unless things change radically and soon but we will make great plans for next Half Term.  And you never know, miracles do happen so let’s send a cosmic order out for that Summer holiday after all along with an awesome job for Him Indoors.

Recently I have heard of a friend of the family dying of cancer in her forties.  Her partner then tried to kill himself.  Such events make you realise the importance of savouring every moment even in challenging times.

I thank Mich over at http://mdplife.blogspot.com for setting up Reasons to be Cheerful and helping me do exactly that most of the time.




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  1. says

    Sounds like a lot of lovely reasons to be cheerful Kate x hope the hub gets a break with the job applications, its tough out there, your children sound fab and you radiate love and pride for them.

  2. The Rambling Pages says

    Good luck to your husband and he has done really well getting interviews in August, you are right it is a rubbish time for job hunting! Sorry to hear about your friend as well, sadly we all hear about cancer far too regularly, hope you are OK. Finally thank you for one of the nicest comments I think I have ever received on my blog, I went to bed smiling xx

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