Why Is Kate Is A Very Naughty Girl?

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Last week, my children were ill on and off all week.

It was a week where I had lots to get on with but when your children need a cuddle and their Mum, they have to be prioritised.

However, I am still a petulant little minx and as my plans had to be postponed, I ate badly all week.  You know that bit where you eat to sort of spite the world and your lot in life.  Stupid and self-defeating but one of those things some of us humans do.  I could catalogue all the food sins but I can’t quite remember everything and all you need to know is there was a lot of fattening food and not much in the way of fruit and vegetables.

Of course, I feel physically worse for it as my body is so used to healthier food now.  That is a lesson in itself.

Emotionally, I am fine about my naughtiness.  I am human and sometimes I get things wrong.  A lot of the time I get things very right.

I had an experience this morning which does not necessarily put me in a good light.  I need to think on it further before blogging about it.  I lost my temper.  It took about half a hour for me to calm down and there was some very negative self-talk going on.

Then, I picked myself up and took myself upstairs.  I put on a top that Him Indoors had bought me for Mother’s Day and on a whim, tried on some too small white trousers.  Correction – they used to be too small.  They fit lovely now.  So naughty or not, overall the journey is going very well indeed.

It is important to confront the good and the bad in weight loss as in life.

I am linking up with the lovely Liska on the New Mum Online blog by clicking here http://newmumonline.blogspot.co.uk/#!/2012/03/inner-truth-week-3.html and this week in particular, I would urge anyone who reads this post to hop over to Liska and give her some back-up because she is so worth it.  Please.