What film characters inspire you?

What film characters inspire you?

They say you should never ask a question that you cannot answer honestly yourself. The film that springs to my mind is Erin Brockovich played by Julie Roberts (who I used to think I had a look of until I did a celeb lookalike thing and it came up with Minnie Driver. I know. I sometimes think ridiculously big and why not?


So why do I rate Erin?

Well with a background in Law, that side of the film made me watch the film. When I intended to be a barrister or solicitor I always wanted to be one who would fight miscarriages of justice.

Erin has a mouth on her and I do like it when women speak up.

She has the guts to ask for a job and sometimes it is so true that if you ask, you receive. The problem is most of us don’t operate like that most of the time and then wonder why we are disappointed with things.

Erin is a risk-taker and that side of her appeals to me.

She has passion and I know that passion has the power to persuade.

She is cynical enough to question things – also a good trait in my view particularly when dealing with authorities.

It all comes right for her in the end – happy days!

So what film characters inspire you?

This is my question for you this week and as usual if you want to blog about the question or about any way that you are changing your life proactively, please do link up and I will promote your post via social media.

Mums are very good at inspiring each other and we need to commit more time to that as it moves mountains.

Julie or Minnie? Minnie or Julia?


My son says both are wrong and this one has a look of me.


When my dear Dad saw my boudoir pictures (the tamer ones) he said I looked like a real film star.


So tell me which film character inspires you and if you like which one you think you look like.

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Why Is Kate Is A Very Naughty Girl?

Last week, my children were ill on and off all week.

It was a week where I had lots to get on with but when your children need a cuddle and their Mum, they have to be prioritised.

However, I am still a petulant little minx and as my plans had to be postponed, I ate badly all week.  You know that bit where you eat to sort of spite the world and your lot in life.  Stupid and self-defeating but one of those things some of us humans do.  I could catalogue all the food sins but I can’t quite remember everything and all you need to know is there was a lot of fattening food and not much in the way of fruit and vegetables.

Of course, I feel physically worse for it as my body is so used to healthier food now.  That is a lesson in itself.

Emotionally, I am fine about my naughtiness.  I am human and sometimes I get things wrong.  A lot of the time I get things very right.

I had an experience this morning which does not necessarily put me in a good light.  I need to think on it further before blogging about it.  I lost my temper.  It took about half a hour for me to calm down and there was some very negative self-talk going on.

Then, I picked myself up and took myself upstairs.  I put on a top that Him Indoors had bought me for Mother’s Day and on a whim, tried on some too small white trousers.  Correction – they used to be too small.  They fit lovely now.  So naughty or not, overall the journey is going very well indeed.

It is important to confront the good and the bad in weight loss as in life.

I am linking up with the lovely Liska on the New Mum Online blog by clicking here http://newmumonline.blogspot.co.uk/#!/2012/03/inner-truth-week-3.html and this week in particular, I would urge anyone who reads this post to hop over to Liska and give her some back-up because she is so worth it.  Please.

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How to be a happy mom

Last week, I started a new blog hop/meme/linky, call it what you will, concerned with helping Mums to have a bit of a personal revival and get their groove back. It is all about recognising that the individual woman sometimes gets lost a bit in the business of being a mum and trying desperately to juggle it all.

I was delighted to see seven lovely mums joining in and hope even more will write a blog post and link up this week. I also got so many comments that clearly shows I am not alone in asking where that feisty woman of yesteryear has gone to and resolving to find her.

So what might help you get your groove back? It might be doing a course, volunteering, applying for a job or looking into setting up a business. It might be as simple as taking time out for you to go for a walk, to have a pampering session or to organise a night out with the girls. It might be learning to say no to some things and yes to others. It might be returning to an old hobby or developping a new skill. The fun of it all is that you get to choose and then you get to share how it all went with some very supportive blogger friends going through the same sort of thing.

To clarify things, you can link up on any day of the week but if you do it on Tuesday, that is fabulous. Please do try and find time to visit some of the other entries (or all of them) as you can bet you will be inspired and also able to give a supportive comment or two too. I will visit and support all entries.

I like to play around a bit (oo-er missus!) so will set little (tiny) challenges or things you can do and report back on the following week. However, this blog hop is not about rules so please feel free to post about what you want and to ignore any parts of the challenges you don’t like.

This week, I have two questions for you.

What song would be best to play a lot whilst attempting to get your groove back?

My choice is Revival by Annie Lennox

What can you do to make your body feel better this week?

Right, what have I done to get my va-va-voom back this week.

1. I have had a habit since experiencing post-natal depression of hiding from and saying no to positive experiences. I have made myself a bit of a prisoner sometimes I think. This week, I said yes to a night out at the seaside, yes to a shopping trip to town and yes to a carnival.

2. I have also got very much into putting my family first which is a good thing but not if it means you are constantly denying yourself. This week, I went out and bought myself a new duvet and some silly but fun things from the charity shop that amused me. You really don’t need bigger justifiction than that. Do I like it? Do I consider it be beautiful or useful? Can I afford it? Right, buy it – where’s the problem? You can see my finds at the charity shop in my Magpie Monday post from yesterday.

3. I am looking into volunteering in a charity shop, at school and with Homestart. For those who don’t know Homestart provides trained volunteers to support mums with children under 5 years old. I think a Homestart volunteer could have transformed my life when I was finding looking after 2 under 2 and a 4 year old so tough.

4. I have continued to indulge in healthy eating most of the time and join in the #mumentum community of women trying to lose mummy tummies. I said more about this yesterday including revealing that I am such an emotional eater so need to tackle that.

So that’s me but this blog hop is all about you. Yes you who is thinking whether you should join in or not. What are you up to? Are you going to commit to improving your own life? Fancy joining some very lovely women doing the same? Well then, what are you waiting for?

Write a post today or if you really can’t manage that sometime before next Monday and link up below. Any questions, just email me on mums-the-word@live.com.

Ideally, take time out this week to visit some or all of the other entries from brave and open women and give them a lovely comment on their blog.

I look forward to hearing how you are getting on.

Another favour, please tweet about your post and use the hashtag thing so that we can all spread the word about the blog hop. Do the same if you will on other social media sites too. I have decided to keep it simple so please use the #groovingmums when mentioning this blog hop.

If you don’t do any of these things, I will not be hunting you down with a big stick. If you do them, I think we will all get more out of the experience.

Right, time for me to stop babbling and you to start blogging and linking up. Ready, steady, go and find out how to be a happy mom.

With love from the Striking Mum x

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Mum’s the word

Have you ever felt like “you” got lost in the midst of juggling motherhood and other responsibilities? When was the last time you did something just for yourself? When was the last time you took time out for a hobby or interest that is yours alone? When was the last time you indulged in a guilty pleasure? When was the last time you tried something new? Yes, you are a Mum but surely you are more than that but where has that person disappeared to?

Mum’s the word but you can change things.

I am on a journey in an attempt to get my groove back, find myself, enjoy being me and so on. I have decided to write a post every Tuesday about how this campaign is going and to ask others to join in and link their posts about getting their groove back.

Bloggers can choose to post in whatever way they see fit so long as it relates to them having a sense of revival even if in tiny ways. Have you treated yourself to something in the shops? Did you take time out to do your hobby, listen to music or have a pampering session? Have you taken up study, work, business or volunteering? Are you trying to improve your health and fitness levels? So long as you are changing you, this blog hop is right up your street.

Here is my attempt for the very first week of this blog hop. I hope lots of people join in and am sure their stories will inspire others too to take time out to be more than a mum.

1. I have started to read again and commit to doing so every day. I used to read books and lots of them but that was one of the things that got neglected in the business of being a wife and mum. I am reading “The Lovely Bones” and really enjoying taking time out every evening for some me time with a good book.

2. I have got the right bra size and am loving wearing a new bra that actually fits properly and is comfortable. It is also great to see my boobs again without having to bend down to see them bouncing off my knees.

3. I have started a healthy eating plan and have lost half a stone to date. I have many more stones to lose but I have made a positive start so will celebrate that for now.

4. I am going out more and trying new things at weekends. This week’s activity was attending a dog show which justifies a blog post in its own right.

So that’s me. How about you? Even if you just write down one thing you did for you, that has to be a good thing I think as we remember we are mums and vital to society but also women with personalities and interests in our own right.

I am a bit nervous about starting a blog hop scared stiff that people won’t join in so hoping some kind souls do so. I think we might have fun along the way.

Update – Please do click and read the entries from some great mums who are attempting to change their lives for the better one step at a time.

Please do join in by writing a post about how you are getting your groove back or trying to and link up.

You can link up on whatever time and day suits you best so it is never too late to get involved. I will publish a new linky and my post every Tuesday.

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