Here are my blogging resolutions for 2012.

1. To focus all my blogging efforts here on Kate on Thin Ice And Groovy Mums.

2. To contribute strongly to seeing real mums valued for the contribution they make.

3. To offer guest posting and interview opportunities to real mums talking about issues that affect 21st century mums.

4. To continue to host the Groovy Mums initiative where bloggers are encouaged to make steps towards positive changes in their lives and to support others on their individual journeys.

5. To offer free coverage to good causes and charitable campaigns. To get involved in a deeper way with them if possible and I am very open to ideas on this one.

6. To redesign this blog in terms of colour and look. Actually, I have already done most of the work on this in the first week of January. Well done me.
Feedback is welcome.

7. To ensure I read a diverse range of blogs as they all provide opportunities for learning, laughter and blogger love.

8. To get to meet a real-life blogger in the flesh or perhaps lots of them in one place.

9. To only carry reviews if they are appropriate to the style and content of my blog.

10. To look at ways of monetising my blog or other writing efforts.

11. To support other bloggers including those are new to it all.

12. To not get sucked into the chasing of awards. If they come, wonderful but if they don’t, it does not mean that my blog is not valid in its own right just as I am.

What do you think to that lot? Do they form a good plan? What are you blogging intentions for 2012?