Blogging – it’s a kind of magic!

When I think about blogging I think it’s a kinda magic!

Many bloggers are heading to BritMums Live at the weekend. There will be useful sessions on clever ways to attract and keep readers.

There is little doubt there is a science of blogging.

Howvever, let’s not forget the magical parts of the journey. Here are some of mine and I bet you recognise some of them yourself.

1. The people in my in offline world who did not really get me and then read my blog and wanted to be friends or worked out I was quite not they thought I was.

2. How when facing a crisis, the right person turns up with exactly the right advice or support.

3. The buzz when I met a blogger for the first time and felt like I was part of something after years of isolation.

4. Attending a blogger conference and just happening to be stood next to a person who would become a heartfelt friend.

5. How I got involved in working for BritMums. This happened in a very unpredictable way.

6. How when I need help with tech or design issues, a miracle worker turns up just in the nick of time

7. How when I set up Groovy Mums, it hit a nerve with the very people who needed it most.

8. How my husband realised I had a life of my own beyond the house and family and learned to love that idea.

9. How my Dad’s memoirs could via the blog reach a wider audience

10. How I have no idea where the journey will take me next and how that excites me rather than terrifies me. That shows that blogging has changed me.

So yes I think you can do all the bells and whistles stuff to good effect. However, the magic that the universe just delivers excites me even more.


What magic has blogging worked in your life?

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Are You Ready For A Challenge? – Grooving Mums

Doesn’t Tuesday fly around fast for some reason?

Have I written my page explaining what #groovingmums is all about? Nope but I will do it today rather than go on about it all here. Suffice to say, if you are a ready for a challenge, grooving mums are ready to welcome you. Here are some of them

How am I getting my groove back? My individual journey will be different from yours but here goes.

1. I continue to eat healthily the vast majority of the time. Yesterday, I got on the scales and appeared to have put on 4 pounds which was so very disappointing. On moving the scales to my bedroom, I lost 6 stones. Never knew that was all I needed to do to reach my target weight. So I cannot tell you what my weight is as there is clearly something wrong with the scales. Part of getting my groove back is being determined to buy new scales this week with a guarantee too. In other words, thinking I am worth that investment. Here is more on weight loss

2. I got over my trauma of even attempting to put on a size 16 top and it fits comfortably. It is many years since this happened so it shows that I must be doing something right.

3. I used a pretty lame excuse to not attend my first session of volunteering at the charity shop. My Dad chose that day of all days to not get up till late so I had no transport as I don’t drive. I could have woken him up but it is a balancing act now as when he gets things wrong or forgets them, he finds itt very distressing so I kept quiet and missed the volunteering. On the more positive front, I did fill my Criminal Record Bureau form in and return it for volunteering in school purposes.

4. I did look into a business opportunity. It was not for me but not because I bottled it. I just decided I would probably prefer to do my own thing rather than take on somebody else’s creation. I am counting this in getting my groove back because I seem to be actually visualizing myself as a successful businesswoman which is the first step to becoming one. Any potential partners out there I wonder?

If you want to see how other women are getting on in making time for themselves and moving forwards positively one step at a time, check out my post from yesterday or keep up with us on Twitter where we use hashtag #groovingmums. You are more than welcome to join us by just writing a relevant blog post and sending the link to

Here are this week’s suggested challenges.

1. Set your own challenge, something that is meaningful to you. Or even better, include a challenge in your blog post that all grooving mums might want to have a go at.

2. Investigate poetry and share a favourite with us whether poetry is something you indulge in often, sometimes or never.

3. Dance whether at an event, in the privacy of your own home or out on a walk with the children.

4. Take part in the Listography blog hop over at Kate Takes 5 here sharing the random thing you like. It will help us all get to know each other that little bit better. Plus I am wondering why nobody commented on my random things lol.

Tomorrow, I am going to post about all our challenges so far as it is 2 months since we started this thing and it might be good fun to revisit some of them.

One, two, three, time to groove, time to blog, time to celebrate how you are changing.

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Making a fresh start on the blog

I am making a fresh start on the blog.

It is prettier than the Blogger one and I have had enough of Blogger playing up in little annoying ways like going all dark or not letting people leave comments.

It is also two years tomorrow since my Mum passed away.  The old blog was her legacy in a way as she told me to keep a diary and I went with the modern version instead.  It was set up so I could pursue my wish to write.  I have had lots of encouragement and supportive comments but not moved forwards with my hopes of earning money through writing.

I also need to learn to drive and to look at volunteering and studying.

There is also the massive task of shifting stones of weight and starting to rediscover a little of the old me after 10 years of parenting.

When my youngest started in Reception last year, I was advised to take a year to relax.  It strikes me that year is up and it is time I did something useful and to start contributing to the world in some way.

So wish me luck and let’s see where the new road takes me.  Are you ready for the bumpy ride?

This is me looking vaguely reasonable on my wedding day.  All other photos from the last decade with the exception or my boudoir ones perhaps are pretty atrocious but make up and a posh frock can work wonders.


Right, let’s go on with the show.  All suggestions on which turning to take very welcome.

Love from the Striking Mum x

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