Reflections on breast cancer

When did I first become aware of breast cancer?

My mum used to have lots of female friends, all strong, feisty and humorous Northern lasses.  I think I was about 12 years old when it seemed that several of her friends started getting breast cancer.  I did not know what breast cancer was but I knew their were hushed tones and a sense of lack of hope.  Too many lovely women died too young.

Do I check my breasts?

As I got older, I knew I should be checking my breasts.  Gone are the days when nobody mentions the C word. The media covers breast cancer regularly.  However, because I did not get taught how to check my boobs at school/college and did not have a sister to show me the way, I never really did the checking thing.  I sort of relied on my fella to do the job for me.

When did I start to check?

I paid more attention to my boobs when my Mum was dying from cancer.  Hers was not breast cancer but it does give you a wake-up call when cancer enters your family life.  I found a lumpy bit and got it checked out with my GP.  I felt embarrassed about asking her to take a look but she was obviously very used to doing such things.  There was no cause for concern and she gave me a bonus of saying I had remarkably good boobs for my age.

One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast during their lifetime in the UK, while 1,000 women die from the disease each month in the UK .  How many women do you care about?  Do the statistics – scary right?

Only 2% of women know the five most common signs and symptoms of breast cancer. Do you?

There are 3 things I want you to do

Head to: for your FREE  guide on touching, looking and checking your breasts.

Share that link to help raise awareness of breast cancer signs.

Join in the Twitter party on Friday this week (19th October 2012) from 1-2pm with @BreakthroughBC and @BritMums

Write a blog post about breast cancer and link it up here.  If you can tag your blogger friends to do the same, that will be very much appreciated too.

To get the ball rolling, I am tagging

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Make Mother’s Day Matter And Help In The Fight Against Breat Cancer

We all agree that mums matter, right?  We all think it is important to continue supporting efforts to stop the blight on lives that cancer represents.  So this Mother’s Day, I urge you to get behind Breakthrough’s campaign to value mums and support a great cause too.



It couldn’t be easier to spoil your Mum whilst also lending your support to this pioneering charity.  Just visit and for a suggested donation download one of ten unique and stylish vouchers designed to make your Mum feel extra special.   If you ask me, there is not a donation too big if it means I get some peace and quiet.  How about you?  As well as treating your own Mum, don’t forget to show the link to your children and Other Half so they can get involved too.  It is a really fun idea that should appeal to the children loads.


There is a suitable voucher for every type of Mum ranging from making her breakfast in bed, to doing 3 hours of gardening, to cleaning her car, to giving her some peace and quiet.  As well as promising to treat your Mum to something special this Mothering Sunday, by making the suggested donation to Breakthrough Breast Cancer of the equivalent value of the voucher you will be  helping keep families affected by this terrible disease together for longer.


Breast cancer is a disease which devastates nearly 48,000 women and their families every year.   By making a donation to the campaign  you will be helping Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s life saving research work and moving them closer to  their vision of a future free from the fear of breast cancer.


As a thank you for your support, when taking part and downloading a Mother’s Day voucher, you will automatically be entered into a competition for a chance to win an amazing spa treatment for 2 people at The Chancery Court Hotel, so you can treat your Mum twice over.


Helen Aithie, Product Development Fundraiser from Breakthrough Breast Cancer, said:

“We really hope that this Mother’s Day people get behind our campaign and help to make it matter.  By downloading a voucher and donating a small amount, not only are you giving your Mum an extra special treat, but you are also helping Breakthrough to save lives, so that more Mums can be around for many more Mother’s Days to come. I urge everyone to visit our site and get downloading, so we can Make this Mother’s Day really Matter.”

What do I say?  I want to share with you the utter gut-wrenching feeling as I travelled to see my terminally-ill Mum for what we all knew would be her last Mother’s Day.  Seeing the children hand over their little pot plants and cards knowing her time with her grandchildren was so very limited and all because of cancer.  Please get behind this campaign, blog about it if you can and let’s continue the battle to save more women’s lives.


For more information about the campaign and to make a suggested donation to download your Mother’s Day voucher, visit or join the conversation on

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I Am Looking For 90 Bloggers To Support Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Are you a blogger who would like to make a difference?

Did you know that around 1000 women die from breast cancer every month?  One in eight women will develop breast cancer at sometime in their lifetime.   It is important to note that men also get breast cancer.  The good news is that more people are surviving breast cancer due to greater awareness, improved treatments and better screening.

In my new role with Britmums, I have become aware of a Breakthrough Breast Cancer fundraising initiative.  If I am to encourage other bloggers to blog about good causes, I felt I should have a go at doing something myself.

So I am looking for 90 generous bloggers to write about an important woman in their life  in 90 words and to join in this blog hop.  You can write about any woman that matters to you – a grandmother, a mum, a daughter, a friend, a blogger, a boss, whoever you wish.   Posts can be as long or short as you wish.  Somwhere in your blog post, please add the following  words and thereby help  Breakthrough Breast Cancer 
“Pink Ribbon Bingo have pledged to support Breakthrough Breast Cancer all year round with 15% of the gross revenue accrued through online play on the site being donated to the charity.  Visitors also have the opportunity to donate a percentage of their winnings directly to the charity.  Along with the fundraising element, Pink Ribbon Bingo and The Daily Mail online will be helping the charity to raise awareness by promoting their vital health messages such as TLC (Touch, Look, Check).

You can also add should you wish to do so …
“Celebrity supporter videos on the Pink Ribbon Bingo website including Jessie J, Melanie C, Tom Ellis, Macy Gray, Sharon Corr and Kelly Hoopen – .  

If you click on these YouTube links, you can hear Kate Thornton and Tamzin Outwaite’s support.


I have set a target of 90 bloggers and 90 word posts to reflect the 90 numbers in the game of bingo.

Also 90 words is not too demanding as I know bloggers are very busy people.

Will you join in and support Breakthrough Breast Cancer?

90 posts  seems an ambitious target but I am putting my faith in the blogging community.  

Ready, steady, blog and link up.

Thank you in anticipation.  The linky looks odd but if you click on it, it does work.

<a target=”_blank” href=””><img border=”0″ src=””></a>

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