This week has had a mix of good and bad things in it. However, it is important to think positive so here I go spinning the negative stuff and celebrating the lovely things.

1. My son is having headaches and my reason to be cheerful about this is how seriously the medics are taking the issue. He is seeing a neurologist today. Considering we only went to the GP after Christmas, the speed is impressive. Wish him and me luck.

2. My daugher has a nasty cold and chest infection. The reason to be cheerful about this is that she is here during the day with her lovely company and we get some quality one on one time.

3. Him Indoors is in a lot of severe pain with his psoriasis. The reason to be cheerful is that he has started a programme of injections that we hope will relieve things in the next 6 weeks or so.

4. My cat had a bad leg but has recovered well without vet involvement.

5. The Groovy Mums initative was featured over on the Netmums blog and website yesterday and new Groovy Mums are likely to link up soon.

6. I had a good morning out with my Dad doing a little charity shopping and buying some pink fluffy slipper boots.

7. I am feeling more on top of housework. Little and often rather than being daunted my it all which can happen to me sometimes. Decluttering has helped with this a lot but I am still well in favour of having lots of books, ornaments and art around me so deal with it.

8. It is bin day today and I feel like we are finally waving goodbye to lots of post-festive rubbish.

9. I have the feeling that 2012 is going to see me making progress in getting a bit more of a life for myself on lots of levels. It has already started to happen a little bit and the future’s bright and groovy. If I say it often enough, the universe will soon catch up with my thinking.

Now if you really want to see what cheerfulness looks like, pop over to and check out some very lovely bloggers shouting out loud about how happy they are feeling.