Life is getting back to normal after the Jubilee and so if it is Thursday, it is time to list my reasons to be Jubilee.

1. I am cheerful about living in a community that puts on so many events and where the business supports them so that they are rather fabulous.  Arts and crafts event for children, art exhibition, quiz, carnival and so much more.

2. I am happy that whether everyone appreciated it or not I did put on a good show for the Jubilee decorating the house and making lovely tea parties for days on end complete with special plates, tablecloths etc (of the luxury paper variety).

3. I am smiling about enjoying the good telly bits of the Jubilee.  For me, this was most of it.  I am not a Royalist but I enjoy the history, the fashion and the soap opera involved in us having a Royal Family.

4. I am relieved that I have finally sat down and worked out the logistics about going to BritMums Live.  That email about it being only 2 weeks away was a bit of a wake-up call.  Childcare is sorted so the next step is to arrange an outfit or two and a haircut.

5. I am indulging in the joys of Half Term making things with the children and sleeping it a little bit.

6. My Dad arrived home yesterday and announced he is taking me and the children out to a pub lunch today. 

7.  More people are signing up to ensure money goes to their charity of choice every time they shop online at no extra cost to themselves.  I am encouraging folks to support Tommy’s the baby charity but you can sign up and choose a charity of your choice to benefit here   The more people sign up, the more money goes to good causes and that makes me very cheerful.

8. My very independent cat lay on my knee for hours last night.  Such a good feeling.


Regular readers will now that when I go bargain hunting I buy things that are a little quirky or that I find appealing to the eye.

This week’s bargains are of a more practical nature.

Again, I am celebrating the joys of the Netmums Nearly New Boards.  Anyone would think I was sponsored by Netmums but nope, I just love the variety of stuff you can find on their boards.

I always need more storage.  I think that is par for the course with people who like to collect things in a magpie like manner.

So this week’s find included a white chest of drawers for £20.  They were so solid and heavy that we chickened out of taking them upstairs so they know live in our larger lounge.

However, my major delight was finding loads of brand new carpet tiles in exactly the right colour for the boys’ bedroom. There is loads of furniture and stuff in there so carpet tiles will make things a lot easier altogether.

“Darling, can you collect 150 carpet tiles after work?”

There are times when just like the porridge in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Him Indoors is “just right”.  His willingness to go to random places to collect all manner of items is one of the way he fits very nicely with me thank you,

I spy in my local charity shop lots of Jubilee stuff.  I am keeping out till the last minute or there will be a huge dent in the ol’ bank balance I am sure.

Now make your way to the Me and My Shadow blog where you will find lots of lovelies waving their flags about the joys of bargain-hunting.

If you happen to be charity-minded and let’s fact it charity shops are a wonderful place to find affordable stuff, I would love you to check out how you can help a charity of your choice every time you shop online at no extra cost to you.