Every Monday, I try to report in on how my weight loss programme is going.

To be honest, I don’t really seem to have got back on track the way I would have liked since mid-December.  Yes, 3 whole months ago.  Blame birthdays, Christmas and lack of will-power.

The good news is that the last week went really well.  I got back into the zone if you like eating healthily all week with a couple of occasional treats along the way.

Boosted by this week and the sunshine, I did my inches today.  My waist is 34 inches measured my way and my widest part is 45 inches.  I did not bother measuring the boobs as I am happy enough with them when taken up by a bra away from my knees. That takes me down to where I was 3 months ago which will do me fine.  It motivates me to continue.

I did so well last year and now feel that I can knock of some pounds and stones again.  Watch this space!

Now, jog across to the New Mum Online blog where Liska and her lovelies will let you know how they are getting along with the mission to lose the mum tum and Liska introduces us to a new concept worth taking a look at.



How has Wednesday got here so quickly?

I have had a good week on the healthy eating front.

Obviously, the lack of alcohol is doing me a power of good both physically and emotionally. Have you sponsored me yet? It’s all in a good cause for Cancer Research UK. Simply text KKKK98 £1 to 70070 or visit my JustGiving page. I have not had a sponsor for a few days so go on, make my day and all that.

I have not got weighed but my clothes are already fitting more comfortably. The trousers were starting to strain in a very worrying way and now they are going on just fine. I seem to be losing weight off my legs from what I can tell.

The things that have worked for me this week include:

Weightwatchers bread

Weightwatchers yoghurts – good to grab when the munchies strike

Bananas – again great for when you feel tempted to eat something less healthy

Salads especially with cold meats or mackerel

I have had a few naughty moments usually because I have had nothing to hand in the house. Forward-planning is key. This week I will do an Internet shop and stock up on healthy options.

I do feel motivated and I know I can move mountains (of flesh) when I feel that way.

Linking up with the linky that helps bloggers lose weight over with @AutismMumma