Looking for a last minute present for a little girl?                                                  

Like many mums, little girls love new shoes.  It is lovely to have a new pair for Christmas Day and all the festive parties.

It always winds me up about things that are small so hence use less materials can prove as or more expensive than larger items. However, I don’t want to deny my daughter her love of sparkles.

Back by popular demand, Aldi is stocking its coveted Girls Fashion Shoes just in time for celebrations.

Available in sizes 6 – 12 and two colours; pink and black, each pair is beautifully encrusted with gems and beads and features easy-to-fasten Velcro straps, giving the £49.99 high street equivalents a run for their money at just £8.99 per pair.

We were sent a pair to enable this post.  They look really good and were comfy to wear too.

Aldi shoes


In store on 19th December, these fashionable pumps are perfect as a last minute Christmas stocking filler, but be quick as they’re part of Aldi’s Specialbuys range – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Do check out Aldi this Christmas – they have a far wider range of things available than I previously thought and it could well prove to be the best last minute shopping store of all with very affordable prices.



Yesterday, I wrote one of my whine whine woe is me type posts.

All that happened was that my family decided it was OK to mark my birthday later in the day.  Today of all days I should remember that I am blessed to have a family and to be in their lives.

So here is a reflection on my amazing birthday yesterday.

I woke up and Google wished me a happy birthday with a picture of cakes and cupcakes.

I had a birthday message from the founder of BritMums in my inbox.

I was surrounded by my healthy and loving family.  They did not do what I wanted in the way that I wanted.  Sometimes I need to grow up a bit and recognise that I am not a princess.  My mum and dad treated me as if I was.  I cannot expect that from everyone and should value the fact that I had it once.

When I had my meltdown on my blog and on Twitter, plenty of people wished me happy birthday and used amazing words like gorgeous, beautiful and inspirational about me.

They could have said “Get over yourself you moody fat frump” but they didn’t.

I think my mood started to shift with a blog comment from Sally from Tots100.  It was the right mix of firm and realistic words with kindness behind them too.  She even gave me a bit of an action plan as to how to take control and make the day better.

So I took my birthday money found in the birthday card from my brother and headed for the charity shop leaving my husband to look after the children.

I should say my husband had now delivered a very soppy card and a onesie which is what I had mentioned wanting  a few weeks ago.  I have never had one and it seemed like something fun to have.  To be honest, I have most of the things I want in my life materially so this went down well although I continued my grump for a while just for pride’s sake.

For about £15 I purchased a cuddly toy, a Christmas jumper, a beautiful top, some books and a few stocking fillers for the children.

I then headed to the baker’s shop for treats.

By the time I got home, there was a birthday card again of the soppy variety from the children and a cake in progress.  My husband made the cake and was pacing the kitchen as if expecting a baby!

I smiled as the card-writing went on in secret and yet with a mother’s eyes so very obvious to me.

Then the gathering of everyone so they could turn of lights and bring in the cake for me to blow the candle out and make a wish.  The usual wish of course.

As this is the first cake my husband has made in the 16 years we have been together, it was very good.  Light and tasty with a little hint of orange.

My husband then made me a special dinner with my favourite lamb and good vegetables.

Puddings and a cheeseboard were also provided but I chose to have these today instead.

Today I have felt far more positive.

I also think it might be worth adding a P.S. to some of my blog posts “This post was written under the influence of PMT”

As Sally reminded me yesterday, all birthdays are special.  It reminded me of Oprah saying recently on telly how you dishonour those who did not get to your age by not enjoying your birthday.

I guess this post is by way of an apology and a thank you.