Why are groovy mums getting naked?

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Want to spice up your life?

Groovy Mums is a blog hop and supportive network that started in September 2011 and has helped many a mum (including me) move forwards positively taking on challenges they never thought possible and just seizing the day that bit more.

You can read more about Groovy Mums.

We support each others blog, tweet supportively and even have the odd Twitter party on issues that matter to mums.

From the start, not everyone in the world has liked the term groovy mums.

With the launch of my new blog over at Naked Mum, I am renaming this initiative naked mums. This will nark those negative male commentators even more than groovy did and hopefully give female friends old and new a good giggle.

The best things about Groovy/Naked Mums are

* Open and honest support network
* Open to any mum
* Mums set their own goals and journey
* It recognises we all have off days and supports us on the days when we give up on ourselves a bit.

And yes, I am one of the women who have benefitted most from the thing.

So if any of this appeals to you, pop over to http://nakedmum.co.uk for the first Naked Mums post along with a bit of a dare for you. Now what could that be?

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Are You A Blogger Who Will Bare All?

I have an idea which I think might be lots of fun and raise money for charity too.

As bloggers, we reveal a lot on our blogs – our thoughts, our feelings, our joys, our sorrows and our passions.  Could we show a little more?

When I wrote my “About Me” page I put up a photograph of me naked.  It led to lots of amusement and fun comments from other bloggers,  friends and family members.

I am an ideas person and a little spark of inspiration  flashed through my brain.  Wouldn’t it be fun for some mum bloggers to get together to do a fundraising calendar for charity and to really bare all?  I have to admit that the rather lucious Liz over on the Me and My Shadow blog was key to making me thing the idea had nice legs.

So I am looking for some parent bloggers who would like to pose for a cheeky calendar on behalf of a good cause.  I imagine it could be a really empowering experience and it would be fabulous if we could get bloggers from across the UK.  Diverse ages and sizes would be cool too.  A real celebration of women and bloggers and we might have to sneak in the odd fella too.  Who knows?

At the moment, I am debating whether to go for a calendar like the famous Women’s Institute one or whether to go with a more burlesque theme.  There’a an awful lot of security available from a fan or a feather boa.

So are you a parent blogger who would like to take on a personal challenge and support a good cause at the same time?

I am also interested in hearing from photographers who would offer their services free of charge.  I am sure we could make sure they were promoted via the calendar and the blogs taking part too.

I do have some ideas on how this could work practically in terms of printing and selling  too but thought before revealing any firm plans, I should check whether people like the idea and would like to get involved.

Please get in touch either by leaving a comment or emailing me on kateonthinice@gmail.com with thoughts, feelings, questions, concerns and ideas.

Have I gone mad?  Or am I onto something wonderful?

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