It is Monday so it is the day when bargain-hunting bloggers celebrate their finds over on Liz’s Me and My Shadow blog.

Last week, I published my shopping list for charity shopping and so on. I am delighted to report that I have found my beanbag for just £5 and will be collecting it tomorrow. It is very pretty and is going to be all mine although my daughter may well fight me for it. Picture will appear next Monday with who knows what other treasures.

There is a bric-a-brac stall at our local hall on Fridays. I am finding it a brilliant source for birthday cards. I hate paying huge amounts of money for cards that just got thrown away within a day or so. Here you get new cards for 40 pence or so, lovely especially when your children are going through one of those times where one or two of their friends has a birthday party every week.

As I turned the corner into the hall last week, I spied this “essential” item.

It was love at first sight and the fact it appeared in the 50 pence bargain box helped too. Yes, she has seen better days but haven’t we all?

I put her on the woodburner initially but on discussion with Him Indoors, we agreed she should live right next door to the telly which guarantees that she will be in my eyeline a lot.

Today, I visited the charity shop which was in disarray as the manager had not turned up. A volunteer had opened up but the till was locked and they had no float. I bought some things but had to leave them to go off to the supermarket to change a £20 note. They were still in chaos when I got back but I still have my sentimental finds.

I think regular readers might get the subtext of this find for just a £1.

Inspired by my post on random things I like which I think all us Magpies could enjoy doing, I bought this for the kitchen.

Nowt wrong with being sentimental from time to time.

I have had so much pleasure out of my rabbit friend but she still needs a name. Any suggestions?