Who is tap dancing?

My husband was recently sent to a house to collect something that I had ordered via the NetMums nearly new boards. For some reason, I had not told him what the item was but had said the price was a fiver.

He turned up and said that I had sent him. The woman handed him a bag.

“What is it?” he asked

“Tap shoes”

“My daughter is taking up tap dancing?!”

“What size is she? These are size 6″

“My wife is taking up tap dancing!!!!”

My poor husband. My late Dad always used to say he would not have gone up hill and down dale collecting stuff for my mum. The truth is he would have done as he was told. I was very well trained.

So I have my tap shoes and thanks to everyone on Twitter who said that it was not mad to get them.

Then I saw an advert that made me smile on Netmums saying “Tap shoes with no taps”. Even I would not go that far.

Linking up a little late with the lovely Liz at Magpie Monday over on the Me and My Shadow blog.

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Christmas decorations – spot the odd one out!

We had a quiet weekend and my daughter was getting a bit fed up. I decided to relent and take her in search of Christmas decorations. I had hoped to hold out till December as once it starts we tend to go a bit mad.

We visited our local charity shop. They had a table set up with a really good mix of baubles, ornaments and all manner of bling. Who was most excited? Myself or my daughter? Both I think as we love Christmas and being daft. Even when my daughter tried to be restrained, I kept saying “But what about this?”. Madam decided this year we are going mainly for a snowman theme. This is what we came away with.

Where the Bratz doll fits into a Snowman theme I have no idea but my daughter clearly does as it was deemed essential. We paid between 50 pence and £2.50 per item. As well as the things in the picture, we got some sparkly pink snowflake chain stuff to hang over our door.

On the way back, my daughter told here she heard an adult say “Look! Snowmen!” and point to the items in my arms as I approached the charity shop counter. “I just gave them a look, Mum, as if to say “these are ours and you are not having them””. Dearie me, I may have taught her charity shopping too well.

We went home with me cautioning my daughter to play down our purchases to her Dad. In she bounced, “Dad, we bought half the shop!”

Then she turned to me and said, “Don’t worry Mum, we can go back for the rest next week.”

My other bargains this week came via the NetMums Nearly New boards

8 pairs of new trousers (jeans, chinos, smart wood trousers) for my husband some with the labels still on – £16

3 storage baskets from Ikea I think with attractive blue stripey design – £10

What have your bought of the bargain variety this week?

Pop over to Liz on the Me and My Shadow blog http://missielizzie-meandmyshadow.blogspot.co.uk/ and link up your finds.

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Bargains From Netmums – Magpie Monday

Oh this is lovely. A less hectic Monday makes me able to join in with Magpie Monday, the linky where we celebrate our bargain finds. As I love seeking out the quirky and the beautiful to me, this is one of my favourite memes and when I don’t do it, life just doesn’t seem quite the same.

Netmums have a nearly new board in every locality. I find it a really good source of bargains.

Here are my children enjoying a recent find.

Him Indoors had a go too despite his advancing years. I did take a photo but I think he destroyed the evidence.

My eldest son is a real car fanatic so imagine his delight when I picked up all this again via Netmums for just a fiver.

It made him so happy he even shared with his siblings.

Partly because I buy too many bargains, I am always on the lookout for storage. A wicker chest was advertised on Netmums but it came with lots of toys in it. The strategy was to not let the children see the toys and to donate them to a charity shop but to save the chest.

What can I say? It didn’t work. The children sussed it so I now have about 40 more toys to tidy up around.

Ah well, they are happy and I have more storage for bedding. Result.

Linking up with the very lovely Liz on the Me and My Shadow blog.


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Take A Look At My Bargain Finds

It is high time I shared some of my bargain finds.

Here is a door stop found in the charity shop.  It cost £1.50

Continuing the animal theme, I bought this bell.  I always find my children are dispersed widely at dinner time so here is a bell to summon them to the table.

This one cost just £1

Him Indoors does buy me flowers despite not being the most romantic soul on the planet.  I never seem able to find a vase so I bought this one for £3.50 which I thought was a bit pricey but it does the job nicely and will encourage him to buy flowers more often.

Then there is my absolute bargain find which is this double bed acquired from the Netmums Nearly New Boards for just a tenner.

Yes, the bedspread also came via Netmums and was brand new.

I also picked up some Cosmopolitan brand bedding recently.  Sheets, duvet covers, valances and pillow cases all for £11 and brand new.  A lovely subtle print of purpley flowers on a cream background.  The photograph did not do it justice so I am not going to print it until I do a better job with the camera.

On my shopping list currently for bargains are …

Chests of Drawers

Computer Desk and Chair

Kitchen and Bathroom storage solutions – if anyone has any ideas on storage for these rooms, let me know.

I am making a commitment not to buy as many toys in charity shops as the children lose interest in them so quickly these days.  There will be a bigger focus on outdoor stuff now that the weather is better.

Linking up late but better late than never with the wonderful and inspirational Liz over on the Me and My Shadow blog.  Get over there and see some other lovely bargains of the beautiful, quirky and wonderful type.

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