Will You Take Up The Groovy Mums Challenges?

So what do you think to it so far? 2012 that is. If you are like me, reality hits a bit hard after the family time at Christmas. Those resolutions might have taken a bit of a hammering too. Fear not, Groovy Mums is here to add some sparkle to these grey January days.

Groovy Mums is fabulous and if you want to know all about it, read the page on this blog that explains it all.

So without further ado, here are this week’s challenges, all optional but some might appeal to you. You can still join in with Groovy Mums whether you do the challenges or not.

1. Body – Lotions and Potions. What is in your bathroom of the creams and pampering products variety. Nothing. The same old thing or something new? Is it time for a lotions and potions revival?

2. Mind – What are the very best things about you? Try and write down 5 of them. Now stop putting yourself down and beating yourself up. What is brilliant about you? You are reading this for a start but there is so much more to you. Why not let the world see it a bit more? How could you achieve that?

3. It is World Religion Day this week. Has religion featured in your life and if so, how? Have you left it behind? Does it interest you? What can you tell us about your own religious beliefs? Does religion cause more harm than good? Let us know what you think.

For those who would like to know about the day itself http://www.worldreligionday.org/about-us/the-aim
Please note that Groovy Mums and myself have no association with this day.

4. Blogging – what good could you do with your blog? That’s a really open question so you have plenty of scope to answer it in a way that makes sense to you.

5. Big Question – who can you ask to help you? Who can you delegate some of your tasks to?

OK, if you are changing positively in big ways or tiny steps, you can blog about it and link up. If you don’t blog, Groovy Mums have a Facebook page and/or you can leave a comment.

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Who Are This Week’s Top Ten Groovy Mums?

Fancy a bit of inspiration and some ideas for how to move forward in your life?

Check out our Top Ten Groovy Mums this week who you can empathise with, laugh with and learn from.

1. Sarah tells her how she became a single parent and is starting all over again. She is busy returning to fitness, doing up the house and making an action plan.


2. This new Groovy Mum tells us about setting a strategy for her personal life as well as her business. Goals include health ones, family ones and house ones.


3. It is lovely to see Kate back as a Groovy Mum doing so well at getting over post-natal depression and learning to stop that self-loathing stuff whilst showing off a very pink blog.


4. Catherine is a welcome new Groovy Mum. She has very clever and humorous writing. She talks about the impact of sleep deprivation and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. She is a carer as well as a Mum. She is also a whizz on the interiors front.


5. Mummy Plum is making a return to Groovy Mums too with her lovely writing. She tells us about Black Frost and many will know that feeling. She has plans to stop, start and continue different things in 2012. These include saying no more often and vamping it up.


6. We welcome another newbie who has a mightily impressive list of aims for 2012. We hope Groovy Mums helps her move forwards with them.


7. This newbie is a stylish mum with plans to get involved in Groovy Mums amongst other things in 2012.


8. The very lovely Polly tells us that for her it is is all about deciding what she will do rather than what she will stop doing. 2012 will be full of writing, Italian, charity work and elegant trips to London. And why not?


9. Chloe became a mum again late in 2011 but is till getting her groove back and how! She will make you laugh and inspire you with her honesty about mental health matters and with what she did just 6 weeks after giving birth.


10. A welcome return from Kim who is making the effort to walk and feeling better for it.


If you do not know what Groovy Mums is about and/or would like to take part, click here http://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/how-to-be-a-groovy-mum/ for further details. Newcomers always welcome and we are a very supportive bunch of diverse mums making changes in our lives one step at a time.

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