What are my reasons to be cheerful this week?

What Are My Reasons To Be Cheerful

1. Husband – we seem to be getting on very well at the moment. Lots of laughter, fun and spontaneity.

2. House-hunting – although the fact we have to move came as a bit of shock to the system, we are adapting now and enjoying looking at possibilities. Last night, we went on a drive to identify which locations might work best for us. Keep everything crossed that we find the right place and soon.

3. House – my lovely Dad has found a house with my brother that suits them both. It is even in a place beginning with H so I am certainly doing well on the H theme set by Michelle over at Mummy from the Heart this week. I don’t want to split up from Dad but it is the only way to move forwards for now.

4. Hosting – I have a new self-hosted website and I am rather excited about it. The address might fit in with “I” for next week.

5. Happiness about 3 lovely glowing school reports, about it looking like my husband might have a job interview coming up and about having friends who are there for me in times good and bad.

Short but sweet this week.

What are you chirpy about? Asking yourself “What are my reasons to be cheerful?” really can get you through the challenges life throws your way.

What are your helpful and unhelpful ways of thinking?

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It is the time to celebrate my reasons to be cheerful this week.

1. Yesterday I had a day out in London with my 11 year old son.  It was great to have some one on one time with him.  We attended a blogger event and I did not know anyone there although knew their blogs of course.  Although my usual shy self, I don’t think I did too badly in terms of chatting to people.  My son was amazing talking of films, history and social networking.  We bought cheap and cheerful gifts for the other two children so everybody was happy.

2. My son and daughter are doing so well with their swimming every weekend and are now jumping in happily and have forgotten all about armbands.  We have decided that after this series of lessons, we will take them ourselves and join in the fun.

3. I am feeling upbeat about BritMums Live next week.  OK, so I am speaking, but how much damage can I realistically do.  It will be fine and the more I meet bloggers, the more I realise how most people are genuinely warm and wishing you well.  I have new shoes as I ended up not able to walk in my boots yesterday so got some flat shoes.  I have various outfits from the charity shop to try on.  I need a haircut and then I am all set.  If you want to find me for some reason, I will be at the Give As You Live stand at 1.45pm on the Saturday and am trying to work out a way to persuade people to come and say hello and find out more.  All suggestions welcome.

4. I made a decision to not waste any more time on one particular issue.  Sometimes things cannot be resolved and you have to let them go. 

5. I get the sense that Him Indoors is getting very committed to me having a life of my own and doing all he can to facilitate that.  This makes me cheerful as I want new chapters but want him by my side too.

6. I feel we are making use of the land this year both in terms of growing vegetables and by getting out there to play badminton and so on.

I am sure there are lots of things I have forgotten but that goes to show that life is pretty happy right now.

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This week has had a mix of good and bad things in it. However, it is important to think positive so here I go spinning the negative stuff and celebrating the lovely things.

1. My son is having headaches and my reason to be cheerful about this is how seriously the medics are taking the issue. He is seeing a neurologist today. Considering we only went to the GP after Christmas, the speed is impressive. Wish him and me luck.

2. My daugher has a nasty cold and chest infection. The reason to be cheerful about this is that she is here during the day with her lovely company and we get some quality one on one time.

3. Him Indoors is in a lot of severe pain with his psoriasis. The reason to be cheerful is that he has started a programme of injections that we hope will relieve things in the next 6 weeks or so.

4. My cat had a bad leg but has recovered well without vet involvement.

5. The Groovy Mums initative was featured over on the Netmums blog and website yesterday and new Groovy Mums are likely to link up soon.

6. I had a good morning out with my Dad doing a little charity shopping and buying some pink fluffy slipper boots.

7. I am feeling more on top of housework. Little and often rather than being daunted my it all which can happen to me sometimes. Decluttering has helped with this a lot but I am still well in favour of having lots of books, ornaments and art around me so deal with it.

8. It is bin day today and I feel like we are finally waving goodbye to lots of post-festive rubbish.

9. I have the feeling that 2012 is going to see me making progress in getting a bit more of a life for myself on lots of levels. It has already started to happen a little bit and the future’s bright and groovy. If I say it often enough, the universe will soon catch up with my thinking.

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Lordy, haven’t I being an old misery lately? Where did my groove go? What depressing stuff I have imposed on my poor blog readers. Time to be a little chirpier methinks. The Reasons To Be Cheerful blog hop helps with this.

So what is there to smile about this week?

1. My daughter did so well with her choir performance at the Young Voices concert at Sheffield Arena. She did not get unduly nervous and just seemed to take the whole event in her stride from start to finish. As for me and her Daddy, we loved the whole thing discovering new bands to follow and jigging and singing along with the best of them.

2. I had a lovely fish and chip lunch with my Dad and we talked about my late Mum’s frustrations in her lifetime. There is more on that in my Little Legacy post below about why I am “anti-men”.

3. When I was struggling earlier in the week, I got several emails from lovely #groovingmums as well as Twitter support. It is lovely to realise that through blogging people will come to you to offer friendship, support and ideas. Thank you ladies – you know who you are. Thanks also to L for the emails which arrived at exactly the right time.

4. I have found somewhere to go for Christmas and you can read how I came to the decision to jump ship this year in my post from earlier today. I now feel confident of having a very lovely festive season indeed. Being assertive works for me. I must do it more often.

5. I had some very intense discussions with Him Indoors. We have moved on to a new understanding and are treating each other more kindly.

6. I won a competition on Netmums so am now the holder of a lovely family ticket to see a pantomime in Bridlington.

7. I got my Criminal Record Bureau clearance through so will be able to take up volunteering in the New Year.

8. I got my first Christmas card from my old college. 22 years after I left at the age of 21 and I am still a member of the very loveliest community. So looking forward to hooking up with former fellow students in 2012 at the reunion.

9. One of my adult stepdaughters is opening up via her writing in a way that although painful is also very healthy.

10. I am putting myself forward for something that I can’t talk about now but it makes me realise that I am taking on new challenges. This is a very good reason to be cheerful.

11. I have told two people in my life that asked what I would like for Christmas and my birthday next week. Both gifts are completely unecessary and hence, vital!

12. I have a cunning plan to show off my weight loss this year in a very festive way. What fun!

This has being a terrible week but when I look back, it has had some really good stuff in it. So next week where I am going to have a blast of a week, watch out for the longest #R2BC post ever.

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Joining in with one of my favourite blog hops where we celebrate our reasons for cheerfulness every week to keep ourselves in that sensible frame of mind that despite the challenges, we are in fact blessed. If you want to find out more, do check out http://mdplife.blogspot.com

1. I have butterflies in my tummy already and am totally excited that I have heard today of the date of my 25th anniversary college reunion. Yes, of course that means that I started uni at the age of 5 lol. It happens next September so I am wondering what size I will be then but know that it will be a whole lot smaller than I am now. It will be so lovely to visit THE most beautiful building in the world and to hook up with old friends and acquaintances. It will be very Porterhouse Blue and I cannot wait.

2. I am happy to report that both my boys got good reports from school at recent Parents’ Evenings. They were both acknowledged for their wonderful vocabulary and levels of general knowledge. So surrounding them with books and babbling on about all manner of things to them seems to work. I am also delighted that my older son who is very bright but really struggles with handwriting is to be given a statement of special educational needs which I hope will protect him as he moves up to secondary school next year.

3. I am happy to have a new pet, a cream labrador bitch who is just lovely and very easy to have around.

4. I am glad that my Dad is going on holiday tomorrow after missing out twice over the Summer.

5. I am pleased to see how my children are popular and how party invitations keep flying through the door for them.

6. I am over the moon that I have picked up some great bargains recently and will be reporting back on #MagpieMonday on my little treasures.

7. I feel grateful that I am managing to stick to my healthy eating regime and hope to have an important milestone to report as part of #mumentum on Monday.

8. I am loving getting to know new #groovingmums and am delighted to be trying out a whole new blog hop on writing that should help me and others move forward on that front. Check out women’s inspirational stories here http://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/you-really-can-rediscover-the-woman-you-know-you-really-are/ and get involved with writing here http://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/are-you-a-would-be-writer-join-wordsmith-wednesday-blog-hop/

9. In the last week, I was mentioned more than once in blog posts on the Prompt on Best Blogs. I have two blogging awards that have hurtled my way and I have been tagged in interesting memes. Great to have blogger friends, ain’t it?

10. The wonderful Caroline over at http://cazandbelleblogspot.com gave birth to a lovely baby boy this week. How wonderful for a woman who has had to handle so much. I don’t know Caroline but her story moves me. Also, a very good friend Kat is due to give birth to her new baby anytime soon.

Hey, what’s not to be cheerful about?