Most Commonly Used Divination Techniques

Most Commonly Used Divination Techniques

An attempt to gain insights into future events or seek answers to the questions about your future, which is otherwise not perceptible by an average person is termed as divination. This age-old practice was used to seek knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration from spirits. Divination is a future mapping technique that uses various tools. Let us take a look at the commonly used divination techniques below:

1. Tarot Cards

Tarot reading is a fortune-telling method and is one of the most widely known divination tools. There are traditionally 78 cards in a standard tarot card deck. Each card depicts a unique meaning. The reader will shuffle the tarot cards and lay the cards on the table. An image is depicted based on the order in which the cards were laid. This is a great way to gain insight into your past, present, and future.
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2. Akashic Records

Akashic record is an archive of everything that has ever been. It is energy storage at its purest and exists only in our souls. Only through meditation and prayers, you can access these records to understand the meaning of your existence.

3. Crystal Balls

Crystal balls are used to see into the future of a person. The seeker has to concentrate on the crystal with the question in his/her mind and interpret images formed on the crystal as the answer. It is important to keep your mind free of any wandering thoughts and meditate before gazing into the crystal ball for a clear vision.

4. Numerology

The art of using numbers to predict your future or depict the course of your life is known as numerology. For this, your date of birth is used. The numbers of your date of birth, which includes, date, month and year are added together to get one large number. If the sum received is not a single digit then it is again added separately to get a single number. This number is then considered as the number of your life and used to predict your life path.

5. I Ching Divination Coins

This is a divination art, that hails from ancient China. This tool uses coins to depict your future. Traditionally, instead of coins, yellow sticks were used. There is a yin or yang value engraved on each side of the coin. For reading, three coins are tossed for six turns and the sum taken to reveal your hexagram number which reveals your possible future outcomes.

6. Runes

Runes are symbols drawn or engraved on pieces of wood, stones or tiles. Runes are carried in a pouch and for reading, it is laid like tarot cards or tossed into the air like I Ching coins and the reader interprets the symbols that are facing up to answer the question of the seeker.

7. Ouija Boards

This is a spirit board that is engraved with alphabets, numbers, and answers like yes, no or goodbye. A planchette is used to interpret the answer on the board. The seeker will ask the question to the answering spirit who replies by moving the planchette to the specific answers.

8. Pendulums

This is an act of divination in which a weight suspended at the end of a chain will be hovering over a piece of paper with simple answers like yes, no or maybe. The seekers will have to select a crystal, pendant or simple weight which will be tied to a chain. While hovering it over the paper sheet, the seeker must concentrate on their question which will be answered as yes, no or maybe according to the point where the pendulum stopped.Before performing, it is important to purify the pendulum by dipping the weight into the saltwater or whirling the smoke of burning sage over the whole pendulum.

9. Tea Leaves

The act of drinking from a simple cup of tea with unstrained leaves, then examining the pattern of the leaves left behind is known as tea leaves reading. This is a widely known divination practice, where the reader interprets the shapes or images formed by the remaining leaves to predict the person’s future or answer the question asked. This is perhaps the most well-known of the most commonly used divination techniques.

10. Scrying Mirrors

Scrying mirrors is a modern form of divination practice by which one can see images and messages. You will be required to concentrate your energies onto the scrying mirrors until a clear vision appears.

Did you know about these 10 most commonly used divination techniques?

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