10 Reasons Why High School Sports Benefit Students

Education and Sports are integral parts of high schools in the current system. Athletics has expanded itself with the time to different variety of competitions for girls and boys.

Sports is beneficial for the students at all level. It helps them in different ways. Let us have a look at 10 reasons by for its importance.

1. Community Representations:

Club sports are popular among many students, but playing for your high school team is a lot more important. It allows you to represent your community on the field.

Representing your community makes you to enjoy the team rivalries and the appreciation from your social circle.

2. Fitness:

Fitness is the key to success in sports. Playing sports in high school keeps you fit and healthy. A recent study has shown that female athletes have better weight and body mass as compared to other female students in high school.

Physical exercise that is part of sports keeps the student healthy and strong.

3. Academics Performance:

The survey in 2007 by NHFS has shown some astonishing differences in the academic performance of the students that are involved in sports and the other.

Student-athletes have secured an average GPA of 2.84 as compared to the non-athlete students who secured a GPA of 2.64. Also, students involved in sports had missed fewer days of school as compared to those who are not involved.

4. 3 P’s:

Students involved in sports at high school learn and understand the 3 P’s that other students are unable to do in the classroom. These 3Ps are practice, patience, and persistence.

These 3 P’s are the life lessons that go beyond school life and have a long-lasting effect on students’ life.

5. Collaboration:

Sports is a team game and not an individual’s effort only. Collaborating with others to achieve a common goal is another benefit of sports.

Students learn how their performance can affect the team overall thus enabling them to think at a broader level rather than individual level.

6. Positive Mentors:

Students have the opportunity to grow under the influence of positive mentors. There are too many people, who motivate and interact with students to prepare them for success.

Coaches, leaders, Captains are few to name as an example of such positive mentors.

7. Social Relationships:

Sports helps students to learn how to interact with others in different situations. It helps to improve and further social relationships between students.

Friendship with the members of other teams lasts for long time even after the school years.

8. Leadership Skills:

Sports is the best opportunity to learn and enhance leadership skills. It is not about becoming a leader only, it’s about seeing how different persons inspire you as leaders. Senior students, team captains, and coaches are examples of leadership roles in a school team.

9. Time Management:

Attending class in the school, then practice, sometimes games consume too much time of a student. Thus having very little time for the homework and family time.

Sports makes student to learn how to manage time efficiently. This skills is important for life after school as well.

10. Success Mindset:

Sports develop a winning attitude in students. It is always about how to succeed in goal achievement by putting efforts in the right direction.



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