Olverum bath oil helped to improve my day.


I was feeling a little under the weather and lethargic. The cold temperatures are getting me down a bit as this Winter seems to be going on and on. Where is Spring?

This afternoon I decided I would cheer myself up with a restorative bath. I am a big fan of baths. Over the years of parenting, I have got into the habit of not taking those long ones of yesteryear with a book in hand and candles to help me relax

In fact, I visited my brother and had a bath and he could not believe how quickly I got out of it. I am just used to one of the children needing or wanting something from me so I find it challenging to switch off and indulge.

I headed upstairs today and ran a bath adding Olverum Bath Oil
a highly concentrated, therapeutic bath oil which contains 10 pure essential oils, carefully blended to work synergistically. It claims to naturally relieve stress and help you achieve a great nights’ sleep. I certainly managed an afternoon nap after my bath so I am a fan

Olverum also claims to be a great way to ease aching or sore muscles so may well be coming into play after our forest walks.

The first thing I noticed was that I was not going to get a bubble bath. Then I reminded myself that this is a blend of oils so I should not expect bubbles. I used to use aromatherapy oils a lot, It was lovely to immediately smell a gorgeous aromatic scent. I can see how it would help you a lot if you had a cold or flu. What I loved was that the scent did not wear off as I continued with my bath. I also noticed that my skin seemed extra smooth during and after the bath.

This time-honoured formulation of Olverum Bath Oil has remained largely unchanged for 83 years. Now beautifully re-packaged, yet still retaining the same formulation loved for eight decades by its’ passionate devotees, Olverum recently launched under new British ownership.

Family Fever

What are working conditions like around the world? Do we get a good deal in the United Kingdom?

I like to think that workers should get good rights as they bring their time and talent to support business which in turn supports the country’s economy. To be honest, I was surprised to find that the UK rates quite positively when it comes to rights for employees.

I don’t remember the rights of employees being covered at school which is a bit daft considering we spend so much of our adult lives in the workplace. I studied employment law at university so am probably that bit better informed but there are still areas that confuse me and of course, laws do have a habit of changing.

I do remember accepting a job offer and then discovering I was pregnant with my third child. My boss did everything he could to wriggle out of me starting the job when he found out I was expecting. He could not retract the offer legally but spent the next couple of years bullying me and I think that went back to him believing I knew I was with child when I applied for the job.

I thought out of the countries featured below, Sweden would have the best conditions. That is not quite the case.

I was surprised to find that working hours are less in Germany than in the UK.

I would love to know why in South Africa the minimum wage depends on what type of job your do. I am trying to work out whether that is a good or a bad thing.

The truth is most of us check out our rights when we need them. I urge you to check out your working conditions in detail in advance because life events like pregnancy and ill health do have a habit of turning up out of the blue.

Working Conditions Around The World


I am cheerful which is the best possible thing to talk about as I join in the Reasons to be Cheerful linky where we focus on positives.


1 Two weeks into my medication and the change is immense. I feel capable and proactive. I feel attractive and fun. I am OK

2. I had a lovely Valentines weekend with some very simple pleasures such as sharing a platter of pub grub treats with Him Indoors.

3. I had a little trip around my specialist boutiques (charity shops) this morning and bought some new trousers one in a lovely deep red shade and one retro Marks and Spencer pair with the tags still on. They don’t look old-fashioned at all so it shows if you wait long enough everything comes back into fashion. I also picked up some Dorling Kindersley books on Lego for less than 50 pence each!

4. We have had a good lazy Half-Term working to our own timetables and why not? My husband took some time off and that is always a treat as he does work so hard.

5. I set the children a home education challenge to research Albania and they came up with some really fascinating facts.

6. Some newspaper headlines made me jig a little with delight this morning. I had only calmed down from that joy a little when I spotted the awesome fish and chip shop that has been closed for 6 months was opening tonight! Can you guess what I had for tea?

7. Had a lovely quiet afternoon whilst my husband took the children out for a treat.

8. Interesting opportunities keep showing up in my inbox making me believe the future will get brighter and brighter.

9. I am working out what suits me and doing more of that. Now that has to be sanity right there, yes?

How often should you get a new duvet?

Opinions vary. However, over the years I have tried all manner of duvets. I like a 15 tog and at any time of year too. I think whoever originally designed the duvet deserves a medal! Every day is a duvet day in my house.

Today it is freezing cold so time for a duvet on the sofa. Duvets are not just for bedrooms!

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 14.07.41

Over the years I have sometimes made the mistake of buying cheap and cheerful duvets and always lived to regret it. Savings can be made in other areas – a good duvet is essential for my happiness!

Sleepy People have a range of High-tog Duvets (15 tog) ideal for the winter weather. Let’s face it winter seems to be going on and on this year. We have blue skies but it is so very cold.

15 tog is the highest tog-value of duvets and is guaranteed to keep your body toasty!

So I am a 15 tog girl but my husband prefers a lower tog rating so we compromised and tried the luxurious 13.5 tog Egyptian cotton double duvet made from finest quality soft plain weave cotton fabric that gives extra comfort and softness.

•This duvet is filled with a smooth silk like hollow fibre filling to give it a soft and silky feel.
•100% soft silk like hollow fibre filling
•100% luxury Egyptian cotton cover
•Superior stitching pattern to hold filling in place
•Machine washable at 40°C
•Suitable for tumble drying

We both love the duvet and it fits our kingsize bed properly so that we are not fighting for it in the night both feeling covered adequately, again something you don’t get with poor quality duvets.

I was so thrilled with the duvet that I made a great reason to go and buy a new bedding set to go with it.

How often do you get a new duvet?

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