Nutriseed superfoods are aficionados, creating all-natural, raw, nutritional goodies by hand.


On my healthy eating journey, I want to try new things and am going to try different ingredients and report back on how myself and the family find them.

Nutriseed superfoods

Nutriseed have a huge range of ingredients that are commonly used in smoothies. However many of their offerings are new to me so I am looking forward to experimenting and learning more.


Nutriseed tell me:

Ashwagandha Root, is an adaptogen that has been used for thousands of years for its stress relieving, restorative abilities and aiding in sleep. This adaptogenic effect has also been shown to have a moderating effect on thyroid activity, decreasing activity in instances when it is overactive, and stimulating it when under active. Due to its high level of antioxidants, it has also been known to help protect the brain and nervous system, and improve mental function, and also aid in endurance sports.

This interests me as I drive myself too hard sometimes and find it difficult to switch off.

Camu Camu, a berry from the Amazon is known to have 60 times the amount of Vitamin C as an orange, increasing serotonin levels in the brain and also aiding the immune system too. This is great alternative to Vitamin C supplements, and is all-natural too.

This appears to have mental and physical wellbeing benefits

Maca Root, famed for being used by Incan warriors to provide strength before battle, is also an adaptogen, and works to support the adrenal glands and the thyroid, directly lowering levels of stress. This, coupled with the fact that it is a natural, caffeine-free energizer makes it the perfect go-to supplement for modern day living.

Interesting as I know I drink too much caffeine!

Chlorella Powder,a green algae that we dubbed ‘Spirulina’s Badass Cousin’ due to its densely-packed nutrients and detoxing abilities. It also manages to support hormone function, lower blood pressure and pack in twice as much protein as spinach. Too much damage in the pub? Chlorella helps to cleanse the system and gives a good protein punch too.

Well that’s a new hangover idea

Total Greens. It contains a punchy cocktail of Wheatgrass, Green Tea leaf, Ashwagandha, Hemp Seeds, Flax Seeds, Chia Seeds, Maca and Spirulina.


I don’t know about you but a lot of this is new language to me. I explained this to Nutriseed who were so happy to help. They sent me a package of goodies and I will let you know how I got on in coming posts. I can tell you that their superfood porridge but a huge smile on a grumpy husband’s face as he said it combined what he loves about muesli with what he loves about warming porridge. Fuelled by this wonder, I baked flapjacks using some of the Nutriseed ingredients for when he came in from work which he describes as “very tasty and moreish” That’s a great start to our Nutriseed experience right there.

Getting advice from a probate solicitor can help as we face our own mortality.

Love and pain

If we are loved and have loved, we have had an amazing life right there. However almost through that very loving, we are guaranteeing ourselves abject emotional pain in the future.

Death is an inevitable part of everyday life and when you see someone looking miserable and you feel like telling them to cheer up it is good to remember that they might be recently bereaved.

We can debate whether it is more challenging to lose someone suddenly in an accident perhaps or after a short or long illness. What is clear is that when someone says goodbye forever it hurts.


What can make grief worse is when family members torn apart by feelings of guilt and anger start tearing each other apart in the aftermath of the death.

Just when you are feeling immobilized by your feelings, there are things that need your attention such as arrangements regarding the deceased person’s personal possessions, bank accounts and share certificates. It can be very overwhelming particularly when you are also trying to arrange the right type of funeral for your special person.

Getting  advice from a probate solicitor

Advice from an expert solicitor can come in very handy to avoid major financial problems and mental stress in the future.

How much do you know about probate law? Isn’t it a good idea to get advice now and to prevent future problems for your family? Having these things in place can make things easier in the long run. We have all heard of and/or personally experienced the horror stories where issues around intestacy and wills destroy family relationships.

Probate solicitors at Coles offer the first meeting free of charge and the service can be delivered through any channel that is most convenient for you such as online, by telephone, in their offices or in your own home.

Saltrock are a family focused casual clothing brand with stores based around the south coast and a brand new website


I was delighted to see their wide and affordable range of hoodies, t-shirts and kids ranges. If anything I worried that some of the prices might mean that their clothing was not good quality as I had not heard of the brand before.

It seems I have missed out as when I mentioned Saltrock to friends, they said their kids regularly wear Saltrock.

It has always concerned me that girls are so much easier to dress in a stylish way than boys. I have a teen son who really is not fussed about how he looks fashion wise but my 10 year old likes to rock a trendy look with attitude.

Ideal for playing out in the cold (without that coat he won’t wear!), Saltrock’s range of hoodies for boys come in sizes 2 to 13yrs. Designed for adventurous boys , colours are muted and perfect for getting a little bit mucky. Choose from zip through or pull over styles – all at great value so you aren’t worried sick as they play out about the money you have laid out in case of damage.

I made an online order of hoodies and sweatshirts and delivery was speedy and problem-free.

I was genuinely amazed at the lovely quality of the clothing received. In fact, I had received a package from another far more expensive store recently where the quality was not as good in my view.

The lovely folks at Saltrock are offering my readers exclusive discount code for your blog. This would you get extra 10% off your basket total. I hope you enjoyed my Saltock clothing review and make use of the following discount code KATEONTHINICE10 on their site.

Celebrity moms are always in the news and some of us aspire to be more like them.

Mums are individuals so some will want to follow a certain style icon whilst others will be inspired by celebrity moms who campaign for good causes. Do you admire a particular celebrity mom.

With Mothering Sunday just a few days away, I wanted to let you know about fun quiz from My Voucher Codes.

Looking at the photographs of moms on the quiz, I spotted Katie Holmes who is of course desperate to be just like me, her namesake. Are you most like Madonna, Victoria Beckham or the Duchess of Cambridge?

Are you super-organised or more laid back when it comes to parenting?

What would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for you?

My result was Jennifer Garner which means I offer a strong and independent role model for my children. If anything I wish this was far more the case but moms have to work with what we have available to us.

I do have a strong work ethic and encourage my children to work hard to pursue dreams that matter to them.

Apparently I try to shield my children from the big bad world. I am very protective and I guess I home educate to keep my younger children away from bullying so that is probably spot on.

Enough about me. Take a few minutes to find out which celebrity mom you are like? You can discover your perfect gift just in time to whisper in someone’s ear just in time for Mothers’ Day.