Fancy some tips for getting free stuff from companies? I love a freebie and right now having started bullet journaling am keen to source some free stickers to prettify my efforts.

Imagine getting loads of free stuff – the thrill of not having to eat into your limited income freeing that up for essentials and memory-making experiences.

Here are some tips I was sent by Sam on how to get free stuff and save money as a result.

“All of us love to save some money on our everyday expenses. Some of you might shop for coupons and discounts for this purpose. In fact, some of you might be using referrals to save some money on your next orders. On the other hand, there are many of you who prefer to trawl the internet in search of the latest freebie offers by manufacturers. Even though I do all three of these things to save money on my daily expenses, I prefer freebies since you don’t have to spend anything to get free stuff.

The problem with the majority of individuals searching for freebies in the United Kingdom is that they will search Google for the websites that offer free samples and not do anything further than that. This method is not enough to find the best free products and samples offered by numerous manufacturers in the United Kingdom. On the other hand, it is important to remember that getting a freebie is a privilege and not a right as most people would think. There are many other techniques that you can use to shop for freebies on the market. In fact, I use websites, apps, coupons, and write to companies asking them for freebies in exchange for product reviews. Here are some of the most important methods of getting freebies from companies in the United Kingdom.


 Freebie websites have the latest information on the free samples offered by leading manufacturers in the UK. They give you the chance of getting freebies by testing them or offering a review for the particular product. Just searching for “free stuff UK” will bring up a list of websites that give you free samples. But there is one big disadvantage of relying only on websites when hunting for freebies. You may get into a frenzy of applying for freebies that you don’t use. For instance, there is no point in getting baby food samples if you don’t have a baby. On the other hand, there are many webmasters that try to scam the innocent searcher by asking for their phone numbers selling it to companies. That is why it is important to have strict rules on what freebies you want to have and don’t want to have when looking for freebie websites, you can check outWOW Freebies which is a great free stuff site in the UK, who update daily with all the latest free stuff. You should also beware of surveys that won’t allow you to say “not interested” in irrelevant questions and request for your phone number to win a competition. It is better to skip such surveys.


Apps are great to find free stuff from various companies in the United Kingdom. In fact, if you are on o2, you should download o2 Priority app for this purpose – you can download it without being a customer of theirs. I can’t reiterate enough the importance of this app to get free stuff from various companies in the UK. In fact, I have got so many free samples from my lovely app such as coffee, gifts, food, drinks, chocolate, full size toiletries, storage boxes, wrapping paper, clothing, and much more items. In fact, earlier this year I got an England Rugby shirt and a 500ml Nuva water from Boots. I can write for a whole day if I have to list all the freebies I got only from this one app. Unidays ID is another great app for students – it has gotten me some freebies and a lot of student discounts from time to time.

 Writing To Manufacturers

 This works great when getting freebies from various companies across the United Kingdom. In fact, this is something that I’m learning to do more often than not. You can write to a manufacturer asking for a freebie in exchange for an honest product review for the product. It helps build a great business-client relationship too. If you have a blog, you can easily offer a product review on your blog for your visitors to read. Even though many people don’t do this, it is a great way to get freebies – especially full-sized products from manufacturers.


 This is another great way of getting some good quality free samples in the United Kingdom. Most of you may have friends involved in direct marketing or MLM. Most of my friends involved MLM play games on the Facebook profiles – where you all say a word, and the last individual to say the exact word before the host say it wins a free sample. I have managed to bag some of the best freebies that way without having to spend a penny on them.

 There is another advantage of hunting for freebies. In fact, you will get a couple of free vouchers with the free samples so that you can stretch your budget a bit further. All this will help you save a lot of money in the end. In fact, there is much more to freebie hunting than just browsing online.”

**This post was in collaboration with WOW FreeStuff**

Turkey burgers are a healthy way to eat burgers and this turkey burgers recipe gives them a fruity twist.

Turkey Burgers Recipe

Celebrate special occasions by serving these tasty turkey burgers either as canapés, or as quarter pounders, with plenty of cranberry crunch and lashings of cranberry sauce to sink your teeth into.

Turkey burgers recipe

Makes 4 large burgers or 10 canapé size burgers

Prep time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

For the burgers

500g turkey mince

2 shallots, peeled and finely chopped

1 clove garlic, crushed

100g rolled oats

1 egg, lightly beaten

1 tbsps parsley, finely chopped


For the cranberry and pecan sauce

250g fresh cranberries

100ml maple syrup

Juice and grated zest 1 orange

25g pecans

To serve

4 large baps or 10 mini rolls



What to do:

Place all the ingredients for the burgers into a large bowl, mix together and press into either four large patties or 10 small ones. Place on a tray and refrigerate for at least half an hour.

Place the cranberries, maple syrup and orange juice and zest into a saucepan, bring to a simmer and cook until softened and syrupy, then add the pecans.

Cook the burgers either in a griddle or frying pan in a little oil, over a medium heat for approximately 10-12 minutes each side for the large ones and 5-7 minutes for the small. Make sure to check they are cooked through and piping hot.

Serve in warm baps or mini rolls spread with mayonnaise, topped with a little lettuce and a good spoonful of the cranberry and pecan sauce.

Cooks Tip: To make a version from left-over turkey simply chop or mince left over dark and white cooked Turkey meat, add some breadcrumbs and a beaten egg or a little mayonnaise to bind, form into patties and fry until golden and piping hot. Serve as above with the cranberry and pecan sauce.

Make every moment count!

Families online have launched an exciting campaign called Every Moment Counts, in an effort to bring families together and treasure those ‘special moments’.


When you have teenagers and a tween getting them to do things together is not always easy. One thing that always works well is to get them outside in the fresh air to enjoy nature. Here they are with my daughter working the camera, my 16 year old giving off a “Do I have to?” pose and my other son finding it hard to keep still before his next adventure.




I could post us baking in my Mum’s mixing bowl or share our game of bowls this week – both of these would fit the theme of tradition. Instead, I have posted a less than perfect picture of me and my youngest children. It won’t win any awards for photography but it struck me that all too often I shy away from having my photo taken filled with insecurities about my greying hair, my weight and so on. But if I was not in this picture, we wouldn’t have had such giggles so Mum should always be in the picture!


You have heard of one man and his dog but this is one boy and his dog. The love spending time together and my son is helping to train our new addition. When you have pets there is always laughter and they contribute so much to family moments.

3 things

I asked my 16 year old son what makes special family moments and he named 3 things – a squishy sofa, a dog to cuddle and a real fire. Here he is enjoying his favourite things.

Little Hearts, Big Love


My purchase of the week is my bright red spotted tablecloth. We love eating and conversing around the kitchen table but experience tells me that our various activities there can result in a lot of mess so a wipe-down cloth makes Mum happy and the colour brightens our day.


In the  business of life and juggling it all, it is rare to actually be able to have space to stand back and savour the moment of loving your family. I took this photo on a family walk in the countryside. It makes me smile with my 13 year old striding off independently, my son pretending he does not know I am taking a photograph and my husband spending quality time with his children.


We considered various options for our reflection photo including a visit to a lake and mirror play. In the end my 11 year old son said he liked to reflect in special places where you can go off and just have a good old think. So we went to the forest and he struck a pose!

You can take part in the #EveryMomentCounts photo challenge too

If you fancy taking part in the challenge too, simply tag @familiesuk in your posts, tweets or photos and use the hashtag #EveryMomentCounts for your chance to be featured on their website

With thanks to Families Online for inviting us to take part in this challenge.

How do you create your special memories and ensure you make every moment count?


Positive thinking is a term that is important but one that can be over-used and trivialized. I am grateful to Rebecca for sharing her story of how much can change in 10 years and how positive thinking can make you cherish your lot in life even if it is not always an easy one.

positive thinking

“If I time travelled back 10 years ago, I would let myself know to hold on in there, life gets better. You see 10 years ago I was in an abusive relationship, and was about to be pregnant with my daughter. I was also battling an eating disorder and depression. I was drowning and I couldn’t see getting out of any of it without dying.

Thankfully, having my daughter was a turning point. I decided to leave this toxic relationship and it was me and my daughter against the world! Thankfully I had a job in finance that I loved and wanted to progress in. I held on to that as I learnt how to be a mum. Life was starting to get better.

Fast forward 5 years and I was married with 2 more children. Where my son was premature somehow my mind had done a 360 and although I was counting calories, I wanted to eat as much as possible. I needed as many calories as I could fit in me as I was breastfeeding and I needed good, fat milk to help my baby grow.

In 5 years I had completely flipped my life around, I was still working in finance, my new relationship was amazing and I felt like I was beating every negative aspect that was in my life beforehand.

Go forward a further 3 years and we were back after relocating to Prague for 2 years where I was a Business Manager for an International American School and my husband was head of a UK technical team. Our son was showing signs of Autism however and so we had moved home. My depression was also very prominent and I was found on a bridge. Life was extremely tough but our relationship was still strong and my children were still amazing!

Now in my life, not only do we have an Autistic child, we also have a child with an undiagnosed neuro muscular condition. Life is emotionally draining and some days I want to throw the towel in; there are only so many invasive tests that you can witness, there are only so many appointments you can go to and hear your child may die prematurely, there are only so many school meetings you can go to and hear how your child isn’t coping in main stream school.

The difference between 10 years ago and now, I don’t feel like I am drowning. I am not in control of my children’s conditions however their strength just spurs me on. My daughter has global development delay as well as a whole list of symptoms but one thing she does is smile! If she can smile, so can I! If she can overcome her challenges, so can I! I feel the strongest I have ever felt and yet I should be breaking down!

10 years ago I just wanted to end my life, today I stand tall knowing my life is a struggle, BUT I want to live, I want to fight.”

Do you believe in the power of positive thinking?

If not, check out videos on unhelpful thinking with tips for how to think in a more positive fashion.



Cuddle Fairy

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is in the news at the moment following the announcement of the Duchess of Cambridge’s third pregnancy. Although it is terrible that Kate suffers from this condition, it has raised awareness of the  health  condition which is so much more than bad morning sickness which I hope will lead to more support for all women are pregnant and experiencing the condition.

Karen Oliver has kindly agreed to share her story with us.

“Imagine feeling like you were about to die throughout your entire pregnancy. That’s what suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) feels like. HG is severe pregnancy sickness, affecting just 1-2% of pregnant women. You’d be forgiven if you’ve never heard of it, I hadn’t either until I was diagnosed with it during my first (and most likely last) pregnancy.

HG is absolutely nothing like regular morning sickness. If you’ve ever had salmonella food poisoning, you will have some idea of the scale of HG, only HG can often last anywhere between 20 weeks to the whole pregnancy. Unfortunately for me, my battle with HG did last the duration of my pregnancy.

So, what is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

HG is prolonged and severe vomiting and nausea. Some women report vomiting up to 50 times a day, or every 20 minutes. This was certainly the case for me for the first 20 weeks, before it finally eased off to just 5-10 times a day for the rest of my pregnancy.

As you can probably imagine, this meant that getting food and drink in and keeping it down was incredibly difficult and most days, completely impossible. This lead to severe dehydration and malnourishment. In rare cases, HG can even result in complications for baby such as reduced amniotic fluid and ruptured placenta.

What does life with HG look like?

 Before I received treatment, I would lay in bed all day for weeks trying to stay as still as possible because I would throw up as soon as I moved. I couldn’t brush my teeth for weeks as the toothpaste would make me throw up immediately afterwards. I would go days without showering and even on the ‘better’ days, my husband would have to get in with me to hold me up as the warm water combined with standing up would make me faint.

All I could do was just lay in my bed, puking into a bucket at my side and really hoping I wouldn’t die of chronic dehydration right there on the bed, while worrying like crazy about my precious baby.

I lost my job (and my maternity pay along with it) because of the length of time I was ill for. Socialising was out of the question and hobbies became distant memories. HG bought with it a side dish of financial chaos and chronic isolation and I slipped into a deep depression which even carried on long after the birth in the form of flash backs and PND for the first year of my son’s life.

Medication, weight loss and hospitalisation

Most HG sufferers require hospitalisation, often repeat admissions, for IV fluids and vitamins depending on the scale of their dehydration and malnourishment. This is even with the use of prescribed anti-sickness medication.

Usually the scale of malnourishment is clinically measured by high ketone levels in urine and rapid weight loss, often between 5% and 15% of their pre-pregnancy weight. I lost 2 stone within my first trimester, despite the excess fluid and bloating I had making me ‘show’ much earlier than expected.

Leading cause of death in the 1930’s

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is thought to have been the leading cause of death for pregnant women back in the 1930’s, when HG was assumed to be a mental illness caused by a subconsciously unwanted pregnancy. It’s worth noting that many HG sufferers/survivors, like myself will tell you that their pregnancies are very much wanted, and some women may have even been down the long and emotionally exhausting path of IVF treatment to conceive.

Fortunately, we’ve moved out of the dark ages and health care practice and medicine has significantly advanced. Though sadly, there are still some misconceptions surrounding the condition, even in a world where all the information you could ever need is available at our fingertips. Even in today’s society, there are incredibly devastating cases in the news where women have had to terminate their very much wanted pregnancy, often as a result of medical professionals not being aware of the range of treatments available or just unwilling to prescribe anti-emetic medication (which has been used off-label to treat pregnant women for the last 40-50 years, without a statistical increase in foetal abnormalities).

I have no doubt that the fear of prescribing medication for pregnancy sickness is part of the legacy of the Thalidomide disaster, but the same doctors wouldn’t refuse medication to a pregnant woman suffering from an asthma attack or an epileptic fit. The same logic applies to HG, in that without treatment, the woman could die and the risks to the foetus are far higher than of those posed by the medication itself. My advice to any woman facing HG with a doctor who is unwilling to prescribe medication, is to find another doctor!

Happy outcome but everlasting effects
My baby is now a perfectly healthy, happy two-year-old. I have recovered from PND and the flashbacks stopped around a year ago. I know however, that my son will never have siblings. Many women with Hyperemesis Gravidarum do go on to have subsequent pregnancies, but for me personally, sadly I don’t feel like I ever could.

For those wanting more information on HG and the treatments, I highly recommend the book “Hyperemesis Gravidarum:The Definitive Guide by Caitlin Dean RGN and Amanda Shortman” and Caitlin Dean’s blog: Spewing Mummy. Also, for those feeling utterly isolated in their experiences, join the Facebook group for Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Scrolling through this group on my phone with just the one tired finger was all I could manage some days, and it kept me going knowing I wasn’t alone.

Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Karen Oliver is a former social worker with a background in psychology and sociology. She is now a writer, author and the Founding Editor of Beyond The Bathroom Scale. She is also the Founder of The Health Mindset Programme an online programme for busy women who want to improve their relationship with food, exercise and their bodies.





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