Moving home tips are on my mind after our recent house move. Moving home can be a huge source of stress and a little thinking of things in advance along with some home comforts when you arrive can make all the difference.

Moving home tips

1. Ensure you have changed your address with all the important people like the bank, doctor, schools, employers and so on. Notify the Royal Mail to set up a mail redirection service to ensure all correspondence arrives at your new home.

2. Place all important documents in a safe place that is easily accessible on arrival at your new home.

3. Colour-code or label which boxes and bits of furniture go in which room at your new place. It cuts down the time spent unpacking considerably.

4. Contact all utility and other suppliers and pay off any outstanding bills.

5. Prepare a moving day kit. The contents will vary but might mean ensuring you have access to a first aid kit, comfy bedding and the ability to eat and drink. If you have children, making sure they can be entertained easily will also reduce stress significantly.

6. Tap into any support you have available to help with children and pets. People are not always quick to offer but that does not mean they would not help if you asked them.

7. Check out where things are in your new area such as schools, doctors, town hall and churches.

8. Have a deadline in mind for when you will stop working and plan a treat whether a movie, a meal out, a takeaway or something that will signify the first part of the move is complete.

9. Invest in some items that will turn the new house into a home.

10. Ensure your home is kept safe. Check out Smarthome Panasonic a modern wireless home security system that monitors and protects your property in minutes. Whether you want to keep an eye on your house while you are away, or simply switch your appliances on and off, with the Smart Home you can do so from the comfort and convenience of your phone or tablet. It also notifies you as soon as a window or door is opened, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

11. Remember to enjoy your new home and take your time – everything does not need to be unpacked immediately.

What are your moving home tips?




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It is a common dilemma for women to struggle with their confidence and sense of self. Whether it’s wider social issues like equality in the workplace and gender stereotypes, or more personal struggles with the way you look and feel — instilling a sense of sense of confidence can be difficult. In fact, according to research conducted by Dove, 62 percent of girls feel insecure or not sure of themselves and only 4 percent of women considering themselves ‘beautiful,’ proving that this issue affects types of females. So if you’re feeling a little unsure of yourself, what can you do to boost your confidence? Let’s take a look at a few techniques.

Ways For Women To Boost Self-Esteem

1. Push Yourself Physically

It’s no secret that many self-esteem issues come from dissatisfaction with the way we look. Regular exercise not only is a great way to stay healthy and fit, but the activity actually reduces stress levels and stimulates happy hormones like dopamine, estrogen and serotonin. Whether it’s going to gym regularly, joining a sports team or training for a marathon, try and pick a form of exercise that you enjoy and can see yourself keeping up with. If you really want to test yourself, you could give some “man activities” a go, like hunting. Just grab the gear and prove that you can achieve anything. It will do wonders for your confidence.

2. Start Writing Things Down

Whether you keep a regular diary, write down your goals and positive affirmations every morning, or even write music; writing is a great way to get rid of negative energy and refocus yourself. A report by The University of Rochester Medical Center in fact found that journaling can reduce the symptoms of mental illnesses like anxiety and depression, because it helps you identify triggers and encourages positive self-talk. If you don’t enjoy writing everything down in a diary-style, then try keeping a notepad on your bed side, and writing down three things you love about yourself and three goals you have, every morning before starting your day. It will give you that positive kick you need.

3. Nurture Yourself

Sometimes a lack of confidence and anxiety can be a result of emotional build up in which you haven’t given yourself the time to relax and process certain situations. With many women living a busy life, taking care of yourself and giving yourself the chance to unwind and de-brief can often be a ritual that is overlooked. Be sure to treat yourself regularly to things that make you feel good. Whether it’s going shopping, getting a facial or going for a massage, putting yourself as priority and doing something to feel good can give you that boost of confidence you need. Another great way to nurture yourself is through meditation; by stimulating the prefrontal cortex that controls happiness, it reduces symptoms of stress and tension.

Every woman deserves to feel confident and strong, and sometimes it takes a little extra effort to feel good about yourself. Try out some of these techniques and notice the difference in your sense of self.




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What is online screening and how can employers use it to find the right candidate?

Recruitment in the past

In the olden days which were not that long ago, employers checked who they were recruiting largely by references from former employers and sometimes personal ones from people like priests or people with a strong professional standing in the community.

Online presence screening

Times have changed and more and more employers are looking into online presence screening of potential employees especially when so many of us are leaving a digital footprint in terms of our social networking, blogging and You Tube channels.

Younger people

Young people will generally have the largest digital footprint as they take social media for granted as part of their everyday lives. They are likely to be particularly active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. How much notice should an employer take of this activity? How much of it will say anything about them as a potential employee? How much leeway can be given bearing in mind that not many of us would want to be judged for some of our youthful mistakes?

Middle-aged people

Employers may be less forgiving of middle-aged people who are applying for jobs if, for example, they find evidence of sexual innuendo or a drinking problem on your Facebook pages. They will be even more cautious when recruiting for senior executive roles where although social media activity may not be huge, it probably says far more about the reality of that individual than the posts of a teenager who may be just going along with the crowd or trying to impress.


Perhaps we all need to be way more careful about what we share online especially when it just might be misinterpreted by an employer. From an employer’s point of view, the very thing they want is a true picture of their potential workers. Interviews generally see people putting on a show or so nervous that it is challenging to get to know them. References tend to be sought from the people the potential employee has chosen to name so perhaps inevitably come across positively. Online screening is a powerful tool for any employer and can potentially stop them making a costly mistake both in financial terms and in damage to their brand.

Fama is a company that offers social media screening for organisations

How to design a good logo is a question anyone in business may have come across as they try to get their message across via effective branding.

As a blogger and business person I am often asked to send across my logo and it can be one of those jobs that is so easy to neglect.

I recently tried out an AI logo creator called Logojoy

How to design a logo with Logojoy

Here we go.  Six easy steps.

  1. First, enter your business or blog name.
  2. Next, choose 5+ logos you like from the selection shown. There are different colours and different fonts. I was concerned that there were no powerful images but that step comes later.
  3. Choose a colour scheme. Whatever your favourite colour, you will find it and specific shades of it too.
  4. Add a slogan if you like. I think it is always adding a little something as a strapline here but you don’t have to.
  5. Pick an icon/image. I loved that I had a choice when I typed in “ice skater” It really is as simple as typing in some words in and up pop a selection of images to choose from.
  6. This is the exciting bit when logos are generated and you get to choose your favourite.

Simple to use

You might want to get a designer to do a logo for you but that is likely to take time as well as money with briefings and thoughts going back and forth.

With Logojoy, it is a quick process where you are in control. You can even see how the logo will look on business cards, adverts and merchandise.  These are the very things we use in marketing our blogs and businesses and make people see us as credible.


If you are happy with your logo the cheapest option is $20 to download one image.  If you want higher quality images with colour variations and a range of different formats (eps, pdf, png and svg) you’ll need to choose the $65 deal. This premium package also gives you full copyright to the logo for commercial and non-commercial use.  You can also download brand guidelines which is a resource with full fonts and colours so you can maintain brand consistency on your website and in any printed text.