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Days out to beat the winter blues

Even though the days are technically getting longer, it can be hard to force yourself to get out and see the world when the weather is frosty and hostile. We tend to skip walks to work for taking the car instead and even cancel evenings out to the pub with our friends. It’s no secret that we get glummer during the winter months, in fact, a good portion of us suffer from SAD, or ‘seasonal affective disorder.’ Missing nature’s cues is said to have a profound effect on our mood as we start missing out on our daily dose of sunlight. With that in mind, there are still plenty of activities that can, and should, force us to go outside and get that much-needed light. Here are 3 days out to beat the winter blues.

A free museum or gallery – days out to beat the winter blues

Free museums are perhaps the most accessible way of entertaining both you and your family on the weekends. Trips to free institutions like the Science Museum not only provide free entertainment but a bit of education, too. Seeing a Russian spacesuit, a Saturn V engine or some world-famous contemporary artists might spark imagination in the little ones and conversation during the evening’s meal. If you’re looking to save money on your day out, most museums are used to catering to large groups, so there’s almost always a breakout area where it’s possible to eat a packed lunch you’ve brought with you.

Seeing a show

If wandering around the freezing cold has you looking for excuses to dive indoors, then there’s no better excuse than a show to keep you in the warm. If you’re looking for a laugh to cheer you up, seeing what comedy is on might provide for a much-needed thigh-slapping. Or, for bigger spectacles, wowing the kids with their first experience of London musicals might be a great option for the family. If it’s the dark evenings that are putting a dampener on your mood, then packing your evening with entertainment will keep your mind off the weather outside.

A daytime country walk

Science tells us that what we really need to beat the winter blues is sunlight. It’s easy to take one look outside and decide that an afternoon under a blanket is the best idea, but overcoming that gloomy feeling may require some ventures into the great outdoors.
If the idea of the countryside isn’t appealing, going to a nearby park or area of natural beauty is a great place to get some fresh air. Putting on your wellies (and thick socks), hat, and scarf before going on a long walk with your loved ones might put a surprising spring in your step. Plus, you’ll have a gratifying feeling of being back in the warm when you return home.
Activities and days out to beat the winter blues, first of all, require some motivation. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and want to stay indoors, but once you get outside it will be well worth it. Planning big days and evenings out can put a light at the end of a dull week, and ultimately give you something to look forward to in the darker months.


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  • Rosie Doal

    It’s hard to get out and about in the winter but even a couple of hours makes all the difference. I’m planning a winter walk with the kids this weekend. They get really reluctant because they want to stay in the warmth but I’m going to really try x #ablogginggoodtime

  • angiemwebster77

    I always make sure I plan some nice days out this time of year, it gives me something to look forward to. We just spent Sunday at an art gallery which was fun and totally free, we always take our own food to keep costs down. I’ve never thought of booking a show to cheer us up, great advice. #MMBC

  • absolutely prabulous

    Funnily enough this morning as I was out walking the dog, I was thinking how much I miss decent museums, having left the UK years ago. Your post reminded me again! And also of how I miss the English countryside and regret not actually benefiting from it during my ‘typical Londoner’ days! But I don’t miss the glum weather you mentioned ha ha. (I do love your header’s tagline by the way!) #ablogginggoodtime

  • nightwisprav3n

    I agree that it is healthy to get outside, at least for a little walk, in Winter. It’s hard for me as I am not a fan of Winter but I do aim to do more walking this season as I have let my daily walks fall by the wayside. Great tips! I also love to go to a museum or take in a movie or theater show. #ABloggingGoodTime

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