4 Self-Care Tips In The Kitchen (Yes This Is A Real Thing!)

Yes, self-care kitchen tips are genuinely a real thing that you should think about. The kitchen is potentially one of the most dangerous areas in your home, with many things that could cause immediate or long-term damage to your health. We’re not going to talk about things like cutting yourself with a knife – the focus is more on steps you can take to avoid damaging your long-term health when spending time in the kitchen. 

If this still confuses you, don’t worry, it will become a lot clearer as you progress through the tips!

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Wear rubber gloves when washing up

Always wear rubber gloves when you wash dishes in the kitchen. Two reasons come into play: firstly, it protects your hands from the perils of hot water, which can cause burns and dry your skin. Secondly, it protects your hands from things like washing up liquid, which again can cause chronic dry skin. Effectively, this is a great tip to maintain excellent skin health on your hands and wrists!

A benefit of wearing gloves while dishwashing is a sturdier grip. If you’re wearing safe dishwashing-friendly gloves, you’ll hold items much better than you would if you were to use bare and wet hands. Wearing gloves while washing dishes also helps prevent against dry skin and irritation.

Wear rubber gloves when cleaning

Okay, this is the last rubber gloves related tip! It’s the same idea as above, only this time the gloves protect your hands from harmful chemicals – like bleach. Always put them on to protect your skin when cleaning your kitchen. 

Cover your ears when using loud equipment

You can have many appliances in your kitchen, some of which are incredibly noisy. One that springs to mind is a blender/juicer, which can reach volumes that are potentially dangerous for your ears. Therefore, you should cover and protect your ears whenever you use them. It’s similar to how you need ear coverings when using some gardening or DIY equipment! Doing this is a simple way to stop you from needing to wear hearing aid devices in the future, due to hearing loss. Preserve your hearing health by protecting your ears every time you use a blender – or any other loud device in the kitchen. 

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Wash your face after cooking

It’s good to get into the habit of washing your face after cooking your meals. Why? Because you can subject your face to oils and other things that may cause breakouts. This is especially true if you’re doing a lot of frying – which is why people in fast-food restaurants often have acne. However, breakouts can also be caused by excessive sweating, which may happen due to stress or steam in the kitchen. Either way, you can avoid breakouts and prevent acne by following this simple tip. You don’t have to properly wash your face with water; you can use face wipes to generate the same cleansing effect. 

The reason these tips are important is that you spend so much time in the kitchen. You can spend a few hours per day cooking and preparing food, so all the possible issues can very quickly add up after days of exposure to potentially harmful things. So, follow these self-care tips to improve your health and wellbeing when you’re in the kitchen.

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