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4 things that make you tear your hair out

What are the things that make you tear your hair out as a woman and parent?


Things That Make You Tear Your Hair Out

A little online research tells me that “tearing your hair out” means to be extremely anxious, worried, frustrated, or stressed out about something. These are often the very topics my blog tries to help you with via tips, advice and a bit of friendly back-up in challenging times.

Here are some things that make you tear your hair out in the modern world.

1. Money

If you have money problems it can be difficult to focus on anything else. I am a former debt counsellor so I know that financial issues can be a threat to life itself both in terms of enjoying it and in extreme cases I have seen clients be actually suicidal as the pressure mounts.

2. Social media and blogging

As a long-term blogger, I see the benefits of social media and blogging and how they can be used as forces for good. However, they can also lead to people trying to live up with someone else’s edited highlights of their lives. You do not need to tear your hair out if you are not having perfect holidays, pristine houses and fancy cars. You just have to count your blessings and realise that you don’t know 100 per cent what lies behind an apparently perfect existence.

3. Work-life balance

As you try to sort your money issues out and live up to the Jones’, you may work long hours and find yourself missing out on memory-making and cherishing moments. If your work is stressing you out, question whether you are working too many hours or have found yourself in the wrong job. It really does not have to be this way.

4. Parenting

Parenting can be wonderful of course and is the most important job we will ever tackle. It is not easy though and will never work out entirely to plan. Perhaps you child will not meet milestones when some expert says they should. You may have a fussy eater or a child who takes an age to potty-train or wets the bed. You may not find it easy to help them with homework or to give the right advice when they come up against bullies in the playground. Siblings may fight and noise levels may go through the roof. You love them but a honest mum will admit there are times when it all gets a bit much.

How to get over things that make you tear your hair out

So what can we do when we are under such pressure? I would argue valuing our own wellbeing is essential and some well-timed self-care can make such a difference. It is OK to say you need a break and take one. It is fine to ask for support from those around you or outside agencies. Advice is readily available if we look for it as is support with mental health issues

So you can stop tearing your hair, forget the hair transplant cost unless you have a real issue with your hair and realise that you have the power to change your life for the better – you just have to decide you are so worth it!

What are the things that make you tear your hair out?

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