Where to buy whiteboards and magnetic glassboards

When I stared home educating, I found it difficult to know where to buy notice boards and white boards. I wanted them as I am old school I suppose and wanted to ensure that things were displayed in the home and not just on a computer screen or smartphone.


I started by picking up whatever I could find in charity shops from pin boards to blackboards. All too often they were too small for what I really needed.

When I looked in high street shops, the prices seemed crazily high.

I have recently found a great place to buy dry wipe whiteboards and was so pleased to hear about this and to see the prices which start really low and then go up if you fancy something like a whiteboard table – what an inspired idea!

I got even more inspired when I saw the magnetic glassboards available. The magnetic glass board is the modern version of a whiteboard.  Apart from the refreshing visual impact they provide an excellent writing surface. Aesthetically stunning glass boards are combined with the practicality of a high quality writing surface.

You can also stick various accessories onto the board with super strong magnets. So the days of trying to keep things stuck on walls with blu-tak are over!

I wish when I was in the workplace and had to give presentations and run training sessions that I had such tools to hand. Then it tended to be a wobbly flip chart stand at best with paper that would end up falling off. How much better to have something that screams professionalism and can be moved easily from one location to the next.

So whether in business, traditional education or home education environments,  TeacherBoards have just the thing for you.





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