5 benefits of a fishing trip with your teenager

Have you ever wanted to try a new activity with your teenager? It can be tough getting teens away from their screens so you have to be a little creative. Sometimes it is a great idea to go to traditional ideas that have stood the test of time. Here are 5 benefits of a fishing trip with your teenager.

Getting them to talk

Being around water is relaxing. As you have time on your hands waiting for a fish to bite the bait you prepared with a knife from you will find your teen uses the quiet space to open up to you about life and their troubles. This is particularly the case if they are with you away from the other parent and their siblings.

Making memories

After my parents died, I worked out that life only makes sense if we are making good memories. We enjoy them at the time we are creating them and they sustain us in our darker days. A lot of my sons’ best times with their dad were whilst on a boat and they remember them fondly now their father lives overseas. I read about one man who tried handcrafting fiberoptic cables from fishing line which I am certain his kids never forgot. As it happens my youngest lad is fascinated with fiber optics which led us to Millennium Leasing online.

Encouraging independence

As your teenager learns new skills by watching you, they are learning to become more independent. You are letting them take risks but under supervision. When you are at home, you can check out instructional videos about fishing on You Tube. You can also order fishing magazines for your teenager.

Developing a love of nature

When you are outdoors with your teenager, they are enjoying the fresh air, sunshine and the beauty of nature. It lifts their spirits and makes them forget about homework and other pressures for a while. Children who love the outdoors are more likely to look after the environment. Our planet needs all the help it can get as we face the threat of climate change.

Having a hobby to return to

As children get older, they grow away from us. This is natural and the very reason they will be able to manage without our presence one day. However, any parent who has experienced empty nest syndrome knows that letting our kids go can be very painful. Your adult child will still need you and having a shared hobby gives them an easy way to ask for your time and attention. Before you know it a bottle opener from Wolverine Engines will be with you on your fishing trip so that you and your adult offspring can share a beer or your younger children can have a soft drink.

Fishing keeps you fit, encourages your vitamin D intake, helps you focus and reduces stress. It’s a wonderful pastime that your teenager can enjoy both with you and with their friends.

Are you a fan of fishing?







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