5 Best Assisted Living Communities For Women

A growing number of women are actively choosing where they want to spend the later years of their life. The good news is that options are plentiful so there’s something to match everyone’s preference.

For example, if you’re a woman of faith, you might be more comfortable moving to retirement communities for Catholic women. Some women prefer the independent so they’re better off at an independent living.

With that said, let’s take a look at the 5 most promising living communities for women –

Senior Home-sharing

In this type of arrangement, a person with a home may invite someone, a peer, a friend, or someone in need of a living arrangement. In exchange, they offer help with the care and daily management of the senior citizens and their daily activities.

It’s not uncommon for two friends to buy a property and co-share the living space; helping each other out. The idea is to live with as much independence as possible. Often, a younger person may also live who is better able at helping the senior.

Nursing Homes

The majority of residents in a typical nursing home are over 85 years old. A few of them are younger than 65 and the majority (almost 72%) happen to be women. These women are mostly widowed, divorced, or never married. It makes sense that a nursing home is one of the best options for women who can no longer manage things.

Often, it’s a disability of some nature that older women decide to move to a nursing home. The majority of residents need help with ADLs such as bathing, dressing, managing medication, etc. If you are a woman with some major disability, this is one of the best options to contemplate.Cohousing

Cohousing is similar to commune living wherein the residents purchase a property (single-family homes, townhouses, apartments, etc.). But, there are some common connecting spaces such as a huge common dining area, garden, or yards.

The idea is to create a community where people can help each other without having to rely on staff-based services. Some senior cohousing communities allow residents to hire full-time help and care services. You can think of it as senior living. Luxury assisted living for pet owners as pets are mostly allowed in a cohousing space.

Housing Cooperatives

These types of cooperatives are usually government-run, non-profit communities. These are most common in cities like New York and are not necessarily age-specific. Co-ops are typically made of single-family homes, mobile homes, and apartments.

The co-op board consists of elected residents that collectively decide the nature of shared services. This can include maintaining common grounds and conducting social activities.

Independent Retirement Living

Independent living is sometimes also known as aging-in-place. This is good for older folks who prefer to keep living in their home rather than move to a retirement home or assisted living. To make living possible, the house is generally modified to address any health/mobility issues. Often the family has to work with health care professionals to get full-time help.

With home-based care, the seniors get complete supervision.

This type of independent retirement living or aging-in-place is good for people who already have a supportive community or family to care for them in times of crisis. If the family conditions and financial situations coupled with full-time care are ideal, aging-in-place can be a great option for women.

The biggest benefit of independent living is, well, the independence you enjoy in your home rather than moving to a hospital-like setting. If you are smart about finances, it can be cheaper than any other option.

Bottom Line

This is not an exhaustive list as there are many other options to pick from. However, these are the 5 most popular living options for most women who want to retain their independence even as they age.

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