5 Gorgeous Gifts That Will Put A Smile On Your Face Instantly

Whether you are buying them yourself, for a little self-care, or you are compiling that all-important Xmas list, having some gift ideas to hand can be very useful right now. The good news is you can find some of the best suggestions that will boost your mood immediately, in my post below. 

Essential oils 

Some of the best gifts that can provide an instant mood boost are essential oils. This is because they represent a marriage of two things, self-care, and the mood-lifting effect that many oils can have. 

Of course, you can make a gift of essential oils even more special by choosing each one to help combat a specific issue that you know the recipient is struggling with. For example, did you know that Oregano oil is helpful for those suffering from low mood, while lavender can be calming for those struggling with anxiety? There are even specific blends for issues such as getting to sleep, and concentration. 


Finally, when gifting essential oils, don’t forget that you can enhance the present by adding a diffuser. These come in all sorts of types from ones that heat and melt wax to release the scent, to electronic types that mix the oils with water and then release a diffused spray. 

New undies 

There are two types of underwear that make great gifts. The first are great quality cotton items that are breathable and comfortable and will work their way into the recipient’s everyday wardrobe. Think socks, pants, vets, and slouchy bras. 

Then there are those undies that are a gift ideal for those that prefer things from the naughty list (if you get my meaning ;). Of course, what we are talking about are high-quality Erotic Lingerie gifts. A present that is equally as good for the giver as it is for the one that they are being given to. 

Although, even if you don’t have that specific someone in your life nothing is stopping you from treating yourself to some gorgeous underwear. After all, wearing just for ourselves can instantly lift our mood too. 

A good book 

There is nothing like the gift of a good book to give someone a boost. You’re not just giving them an item, but a way to relax and a place to escape into when the real world gets challenging. 

There are so many book-related gifts options to consider as well including paper and hard-backs. The special bindings with gold embossing and marbled pages make a great gift. Then there are book vouchers, and audiobooks too. You may even wish to give someone an audiobook club membership so they can enjoy a gift of a new bestseller each month. 


Is there anything more self-indulgent and luxurious than a good box of chocolates? I’d have to say the answer is no. Although, when gifting chocolate there are a few things you need to remember. The first is to check whether the person you are buying has any allergies. Fortunately, if they do, some pretty extensive ranges come free from things like gluten, and dairy these days. 

Next, it’s a good idea to find out what type of chocolate they prefer: dark, milk or white. Once you know this you can go ahead and find a gift box dedicated to their preference. It should always be a gift box too, as there is something about seeing all those gorgeous, tasty little morsels all wrapped up in their fancy packaging and ribbons that enhances the experience, and is sure to put a big smile on anyone that receives them. 

Something snuggly for the winter 

There is nothing like knowing it’s cold outside, but being snug and warm indoors. Happily, many gifts can provide this experience, with one of the best being a sweater-style blanket, otherwise known as a Slanket. Indeed, the Slanket is no ordinary fleece blanket but is designed extra-long and to have a collar and sleeves to make sure you still retain mobility for tea drinking, biscuit dipping, and book reading, while staying extra warm and comfy. 

Alternatively, how about a heated blanket? They are not the old-fashioned things they once were. Instead, now you can get faux fur heated throws, which not only keep you toasty but are soft on the skin and look great too! 

Last of all if you want to give the gift of being snuggled, then a good quality pair of slippers is sure to do the trick. Opt for ones with fleece on the inside for maximum warmth and comfort, and rubber soles on the bottom. The latter means they will be safe and comfortable to wear anywhere around the home.


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