5 Great Ways To Save Money

However financially secure you may or may not be it is always good to discover great ways to save money. Sometimes being money savvy means we manage our limited budgets more effectively. If we are doing OK financially, there is a thrill in making savings and they can mean we can treat ourselves or loved ones. Here are 5 great ways to save money.

Online offers

Gone are the days when you had to walk for miles to track down the best bargains. You can now take advantage of things online such as sign up offers and price comparison websites.  It feels like you have a little ally on hand to point out the best deals on an whole range of things including make-up, clothing and travel.

Putting money aside

We know it is wise to put cash aside for a rainy day. It is so worth looking into the most efficient ways to do so. You could put something away into a savings account every week or month. Before doing so, do check out the terms and conditions of different saving accounts options. If buying a house is on your wish list take a look at the benefits of a Lifetime ISA.


Most parents know that online shopping is convenient when we lead busy lives. It also helps you save the pennies as you do not have little ones doing their best with pester power in the supermarket. Remember to buy seasonally too. It took me ages to get into meal planning but I can confirm it really does make a positive different to the family budget. I find it also makes us more creative in the kitchen.

Entertaining the children

My top tip for saving money on entertaining children is to make full use of the information available on online parenting networks such as Mumsnet and NetMums. Also check out the amazing parenting bloggers who regularly give you the best ideas both for days out and for rainy day activities. Costs for days out can really add up particularly if you have more than one child so you do need to be frugal. Check out special discounts on the attractions you want to visit. Often it can be fun to make a picnic rather than to end up spending a fortune in cafes and service stations.

Do you have great ways to save money to recommend to my readers?





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