5 Reasons to Choose Tape-in Hair Extensions for Fine, Thin Hair

Extensions can add length and volume to your hair, enhancing its overall appearance and opening up new style options. Yet, many women are concerned about the long-term damage that extensions could do to their natural hair. Using the wrong type of extensions could indeed cause hair breakage and hair fall, especially if your hair is thin and delicate. The good news is that there is a hair extension solution for women with fine and thin hair.

Tape-in human hair extensions work perfectly for individuals with fragile and thin hair. While this extension type is fairly new, it comes with multiple benefits for women with fine hair. These extensions are lightweight and can be easily applied.

Let’s look at the top five reasons why tape-in extensions are best for delicate hair.

1. Minimal Tension on Your Hair

Women with thin and fine hair have limited options when it comes to extensions because the hair lacks the strength required to hold most types of wefts. Tape-in extensions are an ideal solution because they apply minimum tension to your natural hair. Instead of being situated with clips, wefts are applied to the hair with tape.

Thin hair is fragile and already at an elevated risk for damage. The hair can become thinner and ultimately fall out if extensions like clip-ins are applied to them. Tape-in human hair extensions are gentle and light, meaning they’re safe for your fine hair.

2. Undetectable and Natural Looking

Since thin and fine hair lacks volume, it becomes difficult to blend most extensions with the hair strands naturally. For example, when clip-in extensions are applied to thin or fine hair, the clips may become visible because there’s not enough hair for full coverage. On the other hand, the best tape-in hair extensions by ZALA are applied with ultra-thin tapes that are virtually unnoticeable.

Also, because the tape is transparent, you can rest assured that no one will notice that you’re wearing extensions. You can easily cut the tape and apply it to areas, even if they’re lacking volume. The blending will look more natural because, unlike other extensions with thicker bases that stick out, the tape-in wefts lie evenly along your scalp’s natural curve. As such, they allow for free, natural hair movement without creating any discomfort.

3. Easy to Apply

It’s relatively easy to put in tape-in hair extensions to thin and fine hair. If you have a busy lifestyle and little time to devote to styling, these extensions offer an instant solution. The entire process of putting in the extensions will take around 15 – 20 minutes. You do not need many tools or any chemicals during the application process; just stick the tape to your hair, and you’re done.

There is also this misconception that tape extensions require more maintenance. But the reality is the opposite: these extensions eliminate any hassle once they’re applied and styled. The tape will ensure your hairstyle stays in excellent shape for many days. Human hair extensions are also easy to wash, dye, and style. You can treat them just like your natural hair.

Watch – How to Apply Tape-in Extensions Tutorial


4. Multiple Textures and Shades

Tape-in extensions come in many different shades, such as brown, black, and blonde, to other trendy colours like teal, blue, pink, and more — there’s something for everyone. Plus, you can easily find a texture that matches your thin or fine hair. From straight and curly to yaki and funmi, there are many beautifully textured wefts to give your thin hair the perfect makeover. Be sure, however, to pick a length and volume that suits your natural hair’s thickness so that the extensions don’t put excess tension on your hair.

5. Less Expensive

Tape extensions are not as expensive as most other extension types. They are reasonably priced, and you can reuse them for up to four applications. As such, you’re actually saving money in the long run by using tape-in human hair extensions. You can remove these extensions and then retape them whenever you want to add some volume to your hair. Also, installing tape-ins typically costs less than other types of extensions, even if you choose to go to a stylist.

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