5 things that made me smile today

As my Blogtober challenge continues, I am sharing 5 joyful things on World Smile Day. It is vital to count our blessings and to realise that on the worst of days there will be glimmers of good stuff too. People have recently commented on my positivity – sometimes that is just me trying to work through the  more challenging stuff in life. I guess as I have said before keeping on keeping on is sometimes inspirational enough to others.


Blogging is making me smile today. I started my blogging day checking in on my Facebook group seeing how they are doing at making money and advancing their blogs and lives in positive ways. I love how my group has grown from what was just a whim about 2 years ago. It is such a sharing and caring community that works magic. I am enjoying meeting the demands of Blogtober and as a result finding joy in blogging again. It is great to find new blogs to read and new online friends to connect with. Finally, but importantly, I have set time aside to get some important stuff like Google Search Console, sitemaps and Google Analytics set up properly. This week I am celebrating a 63 per cent increase in page views in just one week so I must be doing something right.


I was over the moon at my daughter’s kindness when I set her a fun task of how she might spend one million pounds. She set aside a fair chunk of it for a house for me in Norfolk and a laptop. I am not at all sure why she chose Norfolk although we did have a very peaceful holiday boating on the Norfolk Broads  there a few years ago courtesy of blogging. It is a lovely county with huge skies and a brilliant coast too so perhaps she is onto something, She has also sat watching politics with me and is passionate about her latest comic project. My son who is overseas has not been in touch so I guess no news is good news and apparently he is studying well so all good there. My other son had a bit of fun earlier with me as we checked out some French recipes. He wants to be a chef so is always interested in cookery.


Today I saw several people who have a bit of my heart. One man asked whether his conversation is too heavy for me sometimes and it was great to reassure him that I love his intellectual chat. A woman sat with me sparring and bantering for a good while. She has asked me to teach her daughter which is a huge honour. I was tickled, hugged, kissed and slapped on the back with affection. We celebrated another friend’s birthday and gave two people a lift home. It feels good to be part of a community.

Celebrity kindness

I reached out to Michel Roux Junior for some guidance about my  son’s ambition to become a chef. He responded quickly and with a tip I had not thought about. I love it when celebrities prove themselves as lovely as you always imagined they would be.

Plans for the future

I have plans to attend a wellbeing event this week and also to meet someone I seem to have found who is a bit of a kindred spirit. I am hoping to get a haircut this weekend which is long overdue. I have asked some people to look at my Curriculum Vitae and perhaps tart it up a bit to improve future job prospect. Meanwhile I continue to work on A Good Plan because it is up to me to create a happy future for myself.



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